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Urban Hotel- Services

No description

yiqing yan

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Urban Hotel- Services

UTALIZE the space available in the best possible way
(Bigger is not always better)
ANTICIPATE what your target audience needs/ doesn't need
STAFF a well organised team is a well oragnised environment
Staff are the face of the brand/ Hotel
CONSIDERATION of point of display- how will they generate revenue most income effectively, are they relevant?
Routes, distances, organisation Services Restaurant Meeting/ Conference The Idea of 'Staff less hotels' is becoming more and more common, the concept of not seeing any staff throughout the duration of your stay, checking in and out through self service kiosks/ points, robots that store and take your luggage to your room etc, Robotic bell boy..
The Citizen M and Yhotel offer many of these features, while still having staff available 24 hours a day in the form of ambassador's- Citizen M.
By not having reception desk as such or a receptionist. It allows the customer to check in and out quickly without having to interact with anyone.

BENEFITS: Of Self Service in Front of House:
Quick and easy transaction
Appeals to a different type of customer
Modern/ forward thinking
Less staff required- cheaper for the Hotel

High set up costs- that might not pay off
No face to face interaction can be off putting
Less staff to deal with problems and questions
What happens if equipment breaks down, errors occur etc.
Costs Hiring I.t consultants etc
No personal relationships are created Front of House/ Lobby Front Office or the Reception Desk is most likely to be the guests first interaction with the Hotel. With the first impression being so important within any hotel.
The reception can often be the only direct contact guests can have with the hotel employees.

BENEFITS: Of having receptionists and front of house staff:
Face to Face interaction
Staff can often make the guests stay
For Corporate guests Hotels can be your 'home away from home'
so for them interaction is very important, with many creating lasting relationships with staff
Property Loyalty
Staff are able to anticipate guests needs and requirements before they realize them themselves.

Costs of full time staff
Costs of training
Staff can create a bad reputation for the Hotel The Lobby Bar and Living Room (with park views) serve breakfast and light lunches (the kitchen is open from 7am to 11pm). In the hood: Lasalle Restaurant & Bar (Schiffbaustrasse 4) offers French and Italian-influenced dishes and knockout, Plexiglas-wrapped interiors within the shell of an old boat-building factory. Restaurant Viadukt is just the ticket for a casual lunch. Bar and Social Spaces CanteenM offers signature sandwiches, salads, sushi, warm dishes and more. There's an assortment of beverages and fresh coffee.
Breakfast: Instead of a traditional buffet, canteenM offers several breakfast options. Choose from a continental style breakfast or a hot Scottish breakfast including: fresh brewed coffee or tea, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, beans, sausage, potato scones, black pudding, croissants and bacon. Breakfast can be also booked in advance together with your room for only £7.95 (£9.95 if purchased on the same day). Check the reservations page for details.
Bar: In the evening, the bar offers spirits, cocktails, champagne & draught beer. Alcoholic beverages are served only until 02:00 daily. The living room and the courtyard seating Living Room with bar behind The hotels lounge and bar on the top floor of the building has a panoramic view of the parliament and city. The roof top bar also features a large terrace and serves unpretentious nibbles and titbits. Breakfast is served in the garden, overlooking those stunning views, or in an amazing room, which has partly been hewn out of the rock. Guests are thoroughly spoiled with fruit smoothies, freshly-baked bread and delicious home-made jams and pastries. Marco and Vivianna infuse Casa Talia with a quiet gentility. They are usually on hand, but discreet. However, their two "local ladies " handle breakfast and their aim seems to be to fill you up for the rest of the day! Yiyang Chen
Samantha Frew
Sandy Macalister
Yiqing Yan Like a proud eagle nest the sauna is enthroned on the top floor over the business plaza. With an impressive city view over the rails it’s the way how trainspotting between sweating and relaxing in this urban playground really makes fun. For the sauna experience CHF 15 per stay are charged. The sauna bag with equipment like slippers or robe is available at the reception. Drinks and fruit in the sauna are of course complimentary. The 25hours Wohnzimmer is a communicative hub of public rooms and meeting place for hotel guests. In the morning, a quiet oasis, during the day, a space for concentrated working, and evenings a relaxing lounge. The Wohnzimmer is a space for living, loving and discussing. A multifunctional open space for the existential things in life – and all the other things, too. Comfort and functionality are not mutually exclusive in the Wohnzimmer with its quaint terrace. Front of House:
Bell Service
Mail and Information
Cashiers and Night Auditors Yobot- The worlds only robotic concierge; and the most radical approach to storing left luggage. A more interactive, fun and efficient way of baggage management. Hotel Services:
Front of House
Restaurant and Catering
Bar and Social Spaces
Meeting and Conference
Leisure and Spa Activities
Back of House Back of House Yotel hosts a mixture of indoor and outdoor meeting and conference spaces with the largest roof terrace in New York.
By having an element that other hotels don't have it
encourages potential guests to come and stay as well as use the facilities bringing in revenue. In modern Hotels its becoming more common for meeting and conference rooms to have multiple purposes and serve as function rooms for weddings and events.
Through the use of easily dismantled and multi functional furniture and equipment.
(ideal for smaller Hotels) BENEFITS of meeting and function rooms:
Brings non staying guests to the Hotel-
Increasing Revenue
More Likely to encourage guests to come back
and stay if they enjoy their experience.
Revenue from hiring the rooms
Meeting and conference rooms can have multiple
Business re use the venue=
Property loyalty

Costs- Setting up, running etc
Hiring staff to look after guests,
May need event staff to manage
these areas
Maintenance costs- Altering the rooms
to meet different users needs and requirements
which costs time and money. Corporate guests normally generate the most revenue in the hotel industry, as Hotels can quite often be a business persons 'home away from home'.
This emphasizing the importance of the Meeting and Function spaces, as a memorable space can lead to great profit for the Hotel. Corporate guests can gain property loyalty and return to the Hotel countless times, not only if they are impressed by the atmosphere, rooms etc but if the Conference venues are able to cater to their changing needs and requirements and provide the equipment that is required as well as a high quality service. Spa design in Hospitality has become almost essential
not only does it encourage more clients to stay at the
Hotel but it also brings in non resident guests on day
visits etc.
With things like the social spa user, the Pre Theatre option, popular group/ party events, and couples
There is a diverse range of options when designing a spa, men's treatments and express spa visits are becoming much more popular. ELEMENTS TO CONSIDER when designing a spa:
Space Planning
Back of House routes
Changing room design
Water and humidity
Towel storage and dispensing THE DORCHESTER SPA
Although this spa is in the basement the bright lights, fresh flowers, tea, dried fruit and sumptuous relaxation rooms make you forget your underground with minimal natural Light.
By giving lots of space to the changing rooms lots of
space and individual dressing tables it creates and open and relaxing environment.
Most of all its the good management, welcoming
atmosphere, cleanliness and exquisitely groomed staff that make the experience so special AMAN SPA CONNAUGHT HOTEL
Small Lockers and cramped changing rooms generate an uncomfortable and claustrophobic atmosphere.
The weighting area is confined as well as having in sufficient reading material, which makes the experience rather uncomfortable when there are others waiting for treatments.
It lacks consideration in terms of space, the relaxation area was small so other guests were required to wait around the pool area.
Highlighting the importance of space planning. Leisure Spa and Other Services There’s a living room kitted out for every occasion, whether you want to work, relax, eat or meet friends.

We also have iMacs in our living rooms for you to work on, and free WiFi access throughout the hotel. ELEMENTS TO CONSIDER when designing a restaurant:
Space Planning (how many tables?)
Back of House routes
What kind of breakfast do you expect (buffet...)?
What kind of service will you offer? i.e Table service
Variety of Menu
Staff, Who is needed? Appearance, etc
Operation (open time...)
... A bar has been set up on the top floor, the so-called attic. A bar like this has long been missing in the area. In a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, it offers a sensational view of the buildings on the Ringstrasse and the adjacent palaces. The large sofas and long table encourage communication and turn the attic in the 25hours hotel an extended living room. Although you can also have breakfast here, the bar is at its most appealing in the evening. DJ s play on the occasional evening and ensure that the cocktails taste just that bit better with the right sound. ELEMENTS TO CONSIDER when designing a bar:
Space Planning
How many tables
How many seats (seating areas)
Mixture of Public and Private areas?
Back of House routes
Is that separate from the hotel?
Operation (open time...)
... Casa Talia has taken a totally different approach to modern Hotels.
By providing an unexpected design and atmosphere it gives the Hotel a unique selling point, and could encourage a different type of customer to stay at their Hotel.
By taking inspiration from their surroundings they were able to design a totally new experience.
The minimalist approach is reflected in the seating and more social spaces, providing a more restricted range seating.
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