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Threat in the Taiga

No description

matthew lewis

on 27 October 2011

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Transcript of Threat in the Taiga

Threats to the taiga Threats
The 1st threat in the taiga
is acid rain caused by pollution.
the 2nd threat to the taiga is
soil depltion. The 3rd threat to the
taiga is grass fires. 2 current events in the TAIGA The over cutting of trees cause air pollution witch causes acid rain.The 2nd current event is logging,
mining, and hydroelectric
development. Solutions to threats They have been trying to acidify
lakes so alot of acid would stop.
They use nirogen-fixing plants and
crops and other concepts that can be
utilized to prevent soils from becomeing
depleted. They try to protect the taiga
by letting people buy an acre and trying
to put new soil and plant trees. The Taiga Domain offers research opportunities for NEON in the lower two-thirds of Alaska. The candidate core site will be located at the Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed in the taiga, a zone of subarctic, evergreen forest (dominated by fir and spruce) located south of the Alaskan tunda. The area’s vegetation and watershed are representative of interior Alaska; its fragmented forests have a strong influence on ecosystems and water patterns in the region. The taiga site will focus on land use, with an emphasis on permafrost and the interconnections of ecosystems and water.

1 current event in the taiga Taiga Rescue Network (TRN) is working to support local struggles and strengthen the cooperation between individuals, NGOs and indigenous peoples and nations concerned with the protection, restoration and sustainable use of the world's boreal forests by means that ensure the integrity of natural processes and dynamics. 2nd current event in the taiga
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