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Paper Folding Math Project

Paper folding seven times. Relation to Math.

Guneet brar

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Paper Folding Math Project

Paper Folding By Zuohal and Guneet Controversy History of Paperfolding Research question "Why can't you fold any sized paper more than seven times?"
Once we researched this question, we found that this question was wrong we can fold it more than seven times. Mathmaticans, and ordinary people have been trying to prove this theory wrong and many have actually succeeded in proving it wrong. Such as the Mythbusters (On Discovery channel) who proved it wrong by using a football sized paper, folding it 11 times which is 2, 048 layers. The mathematics behind paperfolding can be seen in origami. Origami is the japanese art of paperfolding. Orgami is used to show younger students (Typically in grade 3 and 4) fractions, geometric symmetry, faces, edges, and shapes. Origami uses artistic, kenesthetic, and mathematical skills to teach students.
Origami is more than just to make beautiful 3D art from paperfolding, it is a start to higher levels of math such as architecture, engineering, and biology. This is the equation for folding in one direction only.
"L" represents the minimum length of the material.
"t" represents the thicknesss of the material.
"n" is what you are looking for which is the number of folds possible in one direction
One rule state by Britney is that every fold has to be done in a straight line as the previous fold. If the do not meet this critera it is not considered part of a folded section Britney Gallivan tried to bust this theory because it was give extra credit for her math class. She folded a sheet of gold foils 12 times, even though the directions were to fold a piece of paper. Because of this experiment, she discovered that there could be an equations to how many times you can fold a piece of paper.
With other research we, also found that strength doesn't have to do with how much you can fold a paper, but it's because of how thick a piece of paper can get that prevents a person from folding anymore. Paper Folding Project This formula is for the alternative direction of folding the paper.
"W" stands for the width of a square piece of paper.
"n" represents the number of folds
"t" represents the thickness of the paper
The formula still applies to pieces of paper that have a width, length ratio of 2:1. And then use the formula remembering that one extra fold is added. Conclusion:
"Why can't you fold any sized paper more than seven times?"
In conclusion you can fold a piece of paper more than seven times. These two equations show how many times you can fold a piece of paper.
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