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Set Design and Maquette Construction

No description

JK Wichert

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of Set Design and Maquette Construction

Set Design and Maquette Construction
Set Design for Television, Theatre and Film
Set Designers work in film, theatre, opera, television and all perfomance arts. They work with producers and directors to create the physical space for perfomances to take place.
Theatre maquettes: Shakespeare
Examples of Student- built Maquettes
How to build a theatre maquette
Step 1: Draw concept sketches to plan the stage shape, size, stucture
and scale
Step 2: Research, read and then choose an Aesthetic for the look of
the production
Step 3: Choose a figurine that will determine the human scale for the stage
Step 4: Choose the stage design from your sketches and make a
final drawing for the stage.
Step 5: Make a collage on your sketch to plan the textures and
decorations for the set.
Step 6: Based on your design, cut and assemble the structure for the stage
out of strong materials.
Step 7: Build onto the structure to create textures and details.
Step 8: Dress the set with the final paint, fabrics, props and details
to complete the aesthetic
Examples of Professional Maquettes for Theatre
Maquettes are created to physically model, in miniature, the set for theatre and stage productions.

The Director, Art Director and Set Designer determine an Aesthetic that will determine the whole look of the stage set, costumes, props and production.
Maquettes are 3D models made by carving, constructing and modelling. They depict physical spaces or characters. For instance, maquettes can be built as buildings by architects, stages by theatre designers and scuptures of characters by animators

The Tempest
Romeo and Juliet
Maquettes for Animators
Animators need a 3-Dimansional rendition of figures on order to draw them a varying angles and postures.
The Incredibles
How to train Your Dragon
What are maquettes used for in Theatre productions?
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