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Levels of Mental Retardation

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krishna pandit

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Levels of Mental Retardation

Different levels of Mental Retardation and Overcoming Various Challenges
Different levels of mental retardation can cause learning challenges for the individual and many personal challenges for the family members. In some cases depending on the severity of mental retardation assistance may be required.
What is mental retardation?
Mental retardation is a disorder which creates obstacles and challenges not only in the individuals life, but their educational career as well.
The Four Levels of Mental Retardation
There are four different categories:
Mild mental retardation
Moderate mental retardation
Severe mental retardation
Profound mental retardation.
Mild mental Retardation:
The mind set of an individual with mild mental retardation is comparable to an average eight to eleven year old. The individual’s intellectual level or IQ range is between the numbers 55-70 ( qtd. in Mental Retardation- Capabilities at Various.)
Moderate Mental Retardation:
By: Krishna Pandit
Mental retardation is not the same for each person. Everyone who is diagnosed as mentally disabled has different levels of mental retardation.
Those who have this disorder usually have other medical conditions linked to their mental retardation.
Some medical conditions may include:
- Downs Syndrome
- Cerebral Palsy
Those with this level of mental retardation are unable to produce specific thoughts. Throughout the duration of the day they do require assistance however, it is not given
“Individuals in this group are likely to fall in the education category as “trainable” and their level of conceptualizing is very limited" (Mental Retardation- Capabilities at Various).
This is a hindrance in the individuals education because it not only slows the pace of the learning, but it also stops them from expressing themselves as normal people.
Severe mental retardation:
Those with a severe case of mental retardation can only understand simple commands.
Profound mental Retardation:
People who have profound mental retardation are critically disabled and cannot function as normal people are able to.
These individuals do require assistance during most parts of their day.
Their IQ level is below a 20 and they needed intense training (qtd. in Mental Retardation- Capabilities at Various.)
The IFSP Plan:
The IFSP Plan explains how many services a child needs. Where the individual will be entitled to these services and when the services will be provided.

Also, the IFSP Plan caregivers make it a priority to meet with the individual and their family at least once a year.
Raising the disabled:
As the individual matures the task of taking care of the disabled person becomes more difficult not only emotionally but physically as well.

Recently, the term "mentally retarded" has been banned from being practiced. Although, this is a medical term there has been a frequent misuse of the term in the general public. Therefore, this term has been replaced with "intellectually disabled". It would make a significant difference if people began using the term "intellectually disabled" in place of "mentally retarded".

Many who are mentally disabled are very sweet and kind. However, most people do not see them in this light. Instead, of caring and helping these individuals most of us ostracize them and make them feel left out.

Thus, the next time you meet someone who has a lower intellectual level, keep in mind the fact that simple acts and gestures may make or break their heart.
Always keep in mind...
The parents and guardians of the child usually go through many personal and emotional challenges. Some such as disappointment, anger, frustration and to a certain extent depression would be included.
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Web. 27 Jan. 2013. <http://www.arctelediagnosis.com/
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These individuals lack motor and speech development and sensory defects are common. They have limited personal hygiene and self help skills (Levels of Mental Retardation).
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