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No description

James Heaney

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of botcool

Kabir Singh Bedi
James Heaney
Manoshi Kamdar
Ananya Jhalani
Aisha Saraf
Guillermo Kunin Need and Mandate Bottle that keeps the beverage cold for an extended period of time
Portable and light
Trendy and sleek
Reusable - environmentally friendly

Provide light and self cooling bottles at an affordable price in order to fulfill the need of keeping beverages cool for long periods of time.

Production Process Propylene glycol, Lexan - Polycarbonate (PC)

Produce an inner layer of Lexan Polycarbonate or a similar leakproof thermoplastic rubber seal

Inject the artifical cooling crystal in between the outer and inner layer

Seal off the lid and any openings with the leakproof seal for high safety
Promises Keep drink cold for 8 full hours
Reusable bottle
Affordable, $17.99 & $24.99
Environmentally friendly, recyclable
Durable construction
Light in weight
Does not contain BPA

Positioning Statement
“To the active, on-the-go student, botcool is the portable, reusable and light bottle that keeps your drink cold for 8 full hours because it is powered by a layer of liquid gel cool pack.”

Product & Concept Sheet “The reusable bottle that keeps your drink cold all day”

Until now portable water bottles did nothing more than store your beverage. After a short time, the liquid becomes warm and less enjoyable to drink. The botcool bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 8 hours so you can stay refreshed throughout the day.
Simply store the botcool in the freezer overnight and fill it with your favorite beverage in the morning. An artificial layer of ice cools your drink – not your hand. botcool's sleek design and hidden layer of artificial ice you don’t have to sacrifice the temperate of your drink in exchange for a more stylish bottle. Research Quantitative Consumer Survey
82 responses
Great majority showed interest

72%, own a re-usable bottle but only 18% use it consistently, of these a 38% answered that the reason was that their bottles do not keep water cold.
Marketing Plan THE ‘BIG IDEA’
Portable refrigeration
Marketing Objectives To be achieved in chronological order

Raise Awareness (Pre-Launch)
Initiate Purchases (Launch)
Create and Sustain Brand Loyalty (Post-Launch)
Raise Awareness (Pre-Launch) Social media
Buzz and Guerilla Marketing
Viral Videos
Initiate Purchases (Launch) Website
Store Displays and Promotions Create and Sustain Brand Loyalty (Post-Launch) Customization – on the website as well as university stores.

Financial Projections Marketing 221 Professor Adams Mandate: Materials Needed: Process: botcool does not contain BPA, durable in construction, light in weight, and recyclable. Focus Group Outline Needs & mandates
Production process & positioning
Market research
Marketing: THE 'BIG IDEA' Target Market College and high school students Movie Questions
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