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No description

Heather Markel

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Prezie!!

Say Goodbye to Boring Presentations! Say Goodbye to Boring Presentations! Plain Text! 16,948,338! Hummingbirds can't walk. So much more exciting! Increasing worldwide online ad spending

New acquisitions

Worldwide internet growth usage

Move into non-internet markets (i.e. Magazines, TV, Travel) Opportunities SWOT Inability to monetize Youtube

Weak presence in social networking space

Lack of product integration

Stock problems

No strategy for contraction

Skyrocketting cost for datacentre Weaknesses Strengths Brand equity

Internet search leader

Strong market position

AdWords and AdSense programs

Ancillary services (Youtube, Gmail, etc)

Strong presence in professional networking space Threats Competition from Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and smaller competitors

Reliance on Google network members

Privacy issues around content ownership

Slowdown in online ad-spend

Criticism against StreetView service Google Google vs Yahoo Guide to Product Growth and Transformation Listen to customers
Work with what you have
Be creative! Thank you for your time!
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