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Investigating the Travel & Tourism Sector P1

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Nicole Cruickshank

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Investigating the Travel & Tourism Sector P1

Investigating the Travel & Tourism Sector P1
Inbound Tourism
Outbound Tourism
Outbound tourism is travelers leaving their homeland to travel abroad to other countries for a certain period of time, whether it concerns leisure, business or VFR purposes.
Domestic Tourism
Domestic tourism are travelers who travels within their country region.
Nicole Cruickshank
BTEC Unit 1
Assignment P1
March 23rd 2015

Inbound Tourism are tourist who travels abroad into a foreign country for either leisure, business, or VFR.
This is an act of Inbound Tourism
New York

Example: Don lives in Spain and he's leaving for his flight towards Tokyo for a Business meeting.
This is an act of Outbound Tourism
This is an act of Domestic Tourism
Accommodation service is services provided to the customers such as housekeeping, room- service, three course meals, and fully equipped room for a comfortable and relax stay.
Non- serviced
is basically self- service, where
as customers would usually
have to do their own cleaning
and cooking. Customers would
be provided with a basic room
and kitchen for their stay.
Example: The Hall's family who lives
in England (UK) decided to take a road trip to Scotland(UK)
Example: Cassie’s family is leaving from New York today to visit her in London.
Transport Provision

Road Transportation is becoming more and more a preferable choice of transportation for traveling by many tourist. It seem like a less hectic and less expensive way of getting around rather then over crowed airports and train stations, therefore chooses the comfort of their own cars.
Rail transport has been very popular and frequently used by people for many years. Most travelers prefer to take the trains for city trips or other travels purposes and to avoid traffic which also is a faster way to their destination.
Numbers of tourist traveling by sea dropped significantly throughout the years after increasing numbers of highways, rail tunnels and low- cost airline tickets.
Air transport is continuing to increase in numbers. A quicker more comfortable way to travel overseas to other countries then by sea traveling. Tourism made a merger switch over to air traveling, with low- costing airline tickets, package deals, time saving, and more destinations to choose from. Air traveling will definitely continue to increase.
Heritage Attractions
Natural Attractions
Natural Attractions
Natural Attractions are attractions that were created by nature and not man made for e.g. national parks, countryside's are specially protected areas which have amazing natural beauty, heritage coast and national park. Natural attractions appeals to domestic, inbound and outbound tourism.
Purpose- Built
Purpose- Built Attractions are attractions purposely designed or built as visitor attractions are entertainment venues, events, theme parks. Facilities that were at first designed for another purpose e.g. museums, gardens, castle, cathedrals, stately homes many of theses examples are known as heritage attractions, but have since become popular as attractions for tourism.
Examples: Eiffel Tower (Paris)
London Eye ( London)
All countries are famous for certain events that many people around the world travel just to attends e.g. Olympics Games, World Cup, Parades, Festivals, |Concerts and many other events. Events can be very significant for countries that don't have much to offer concerning natural, heritage attractions or can't afford many purpose- built attractions.
Tour Operations
Mass Market
A mass market tour operator organizes tours for groups of people at a time. Also arranges transport accommodation, Activities and any extra services that might be needed. Examples: Thomas Cook, Thomson
Specialist tour operators specialize in specific markets like diving, winter, summer holidays and also specialize in offering discount prices on destinations that they specialize in. Examples: Audley Travel, Cazenove & Loyd, Greaves Travel
Tour Operators
a retail agent otherwise known as a travel agent is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways, and package tours. In addition to dealing with ordinary tourists most travel agencies have a separate department devoted to making travel arrangements for business travelers and some travel agencies specialize in commercial and business travel only. There are also travel agencies that serve as general sales agents for foreign travel companies, allowing them to have offices in countries other than where their headquarters are located. E.g. Thomas Cook

A business travel agent is a person who takes on the responsibility of
handling another individual’s or group’s business traveling arrangements.
There are also travel agents located within the business itself,
so they are to deal with that company’s travel requirements personnel.
E.g. of a business travel agent is TD Travel Management

Web- Based
Web- Based is an online agancies where you can get all your information and do your booking for holidays on the websites. E.g. of a agency with a website is Thomas Cook.

Call Centre
Call Centres are also a way to book travel by telephone
instead of having to go personally to the travel agencies.

Tourism Development and Promotions
'Tourism development' refers to all the activities linked with providing services for tourists
in a destination whereas 'Tourism promotion' is worried with publicizing destinations to tourists
so that they visit, spend money and go.

Trade Association and Regulatory Bodies (UK and Dutch)
Trade association and regulatory bodies plays a role in the development and promotion
of tourism in different countries. They represent their members and supports them to make sure
that they operate successfully. In the UK ABTA is one of their top travel association and in
Netherlands is Rover.

Ancillary Service
Ancillary service is not know to be involved in the tourism
Industry, but however contribute by providing car rentals, travel insurance and
parking at the airport.
Most famous attractions are the Heritage Attractions this includes historical buildings and sites of historic significance.
Examples: Tower of London (London), Edinburgh (Scotland), Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout (South Holland)
Tower of London
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