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Conventions of film openings

By Gemma Green

gemma green

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Conventions of film openings

Establishing Genre By Gemma Green Conventions of film openings Topics/Themes
Introduced Themes and topics in
films are there so that you
you have some thing to follow
through out the film to show
consistency. Some films do not just consist of one theme or topic and they contain more than one as it is a hybrid film. Establishing
Shot You usually find an establishing
shot at the beginning of the film to
show and establish the where abouts
and location in which the film
is set in and also can give you an idea
of the genre you are looking at. At the beginning of every film opening the genre is made clear which also shows you watch type of things will be included in the movie. Introduction to key characters In every film opening you are introduced to the key characters that will be featured through out the entire film on which the film is based on. This is Shaun the main character of 'Shaun Of The Dead' he is introduced in the first minute of the film. He is introduced as a bit of a slob and a laid back man like the stereotypical man. This is Elizabeth
swan she is the main character in the film 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' a few more follow up further into the film. she is first introduced as the governors daughter with a high importance until she is kidnapped by the pirates which is stereotypical to the female being the damsel in distress. In the film 'Spider man
the main character is introduced as Peter Parker.
He is first introduced as a bit of a nerd. the typical glasses and doesn't talk to any one and gets on with his work but then we are introduced into a change. Eddie Murphy is introduced as the main character in 'Dr Dolittle' he is first introduced as a sane man who was a doctor and had the typical family life style and job but then he starts to hear things. In the film 'Twilight' the
main character is introduced
at the beginning as 'Bella Swan'. she has fare skin and is naturally pretty. She is also introduced as a hard worker who likes to read and get to the bottom of things you find this out in the opening scene. There are many themes introduced in mean girls.
Individuality -basically just being yourself or who the character is regardless of what everyone thinks.
Overcoming adversity- Basically meaning accepting a tough situation and making it a victory. Lindsay Lohan's character trying to get revenge on the Plastics and although she doesn't entirely succeed, her effort encourages everyone to be themselves and also for the Plastics to separate. From the title of the film 'Dead Silence' you instantly think that it is going to be a scary film and that there is going to be a theme of death. In the opening scene of this film one of the first things that are introduced is a scary looking doll which makes you think back to the film 'Childs Play' where you instantly know that the main object involved in the film is going to be this doll and you instantly know that the film is going to contain and have a theme of death. 'Star Trek' is based in space in the opening scene and they are at an advanced time to what we are at. you instantly think that the theme is danger and aliens as this is what they discuss at the beginning. The theme in 'Love Actually'
has a theme of romance as it is about two people coming together eventually and finding them selves. 'Titanic'
is a true story and is a very heart felt film and the theme is love. you know that the theme is love as the film starts with crosscutting between two different people of to different classes one of 1st class and one of 3rd class they finally meet and fall in love. This shows the location of which the film '10 Things I Hate About You' is set. The location is a big city which could connote that people that live in big city's and ave dreams and big job aspects. In the beginning of the film 'Thunder Birds' there is an establishing shot of the location of there hide out. This signifies secrecy and the intention to hide so the general public don't know where you are. In the film 'The Boy In The Striped Pajamas' there is a establishing shot of the street that the boy lives in at the beginning. The setting is nice and clean which shows he is of an upper class. At the beginning of the film 'Keeping Mum' there is establishing shot of a train going through the county side. It also has a train passing by which signifies traveling. At the beginning of 'Harry Potter' there is a establishing shot of Hogwarts. This is the school that they live at for most of the year this shows the setting of a nice place. In the movie 'Star Wars'
the genre is 'Sci-Fi' as it consists of aliens and space ships. Also you know this as it is set in a later stage of technology. The film 'Battleship is an action film and you know this it consists of guns and violence. 'Blackball' is a comedy and this consists of swearing and rude gestures this fits the stereotypical genre of comedy. You know from the very beginning of 'Austin Powers that this is a comedy as it has rude references and jokes from the very start. In the film 'Batman' it is
an action film and you know this for one as it is a super hero film in which you know will involve action and drama and also it involves violence and weapons. Non-Diagetic Music
To Set The Tone Of The Film! Star Wars opening music Jurassic park opening music Pirates of the Caribbean opening music Brave Hearts opening
music Using this music at the opening fits the beginning perfectly as the opening scene starts with non-linear narrative and the music sets with what they are telling you. This music sets the mood and tension for the film as it is set in a location where no one has been and they are going to do research and it builds the mood to what is going to happen also it builds a mood for danger as it speeds up. The music to this film opening builds the mood and tension of an adventure film as it is set in olden days and they are known for there adventures and trouble. This non-diagetic music sets the mood and tension for war, death and also peace and this is a true story and it is a very heart warming movie. This non-diagetic music also gives us a mood of adventure and trouble as it is fast paced and on going and makes you expect more through out the film. Enigma! Enigma is the questions that you ask through out the film on which you wait to be answered as you watch the film. St Trinians Enigma -Why has Annabel moved from her own school to this one?
-Why is there a burning car?
-Why is there skeletons and knives?
-Why did a table fall out of the window?
-Why did the blonde women ask if they are from inline avenue?
-Why where all the students staring at Annabel?
-Why didn't he attend his mums funeral? Chronicles of Narnia Enigma! -Why is there a war?
-Why was he at the window?
-Why are they hiding?
-Why did Edmand run back in?
Why are they being sent away? Little Man Enigma! -Why are they in prison?
-Why can't they count?
-What has he done to be in prison?
-Who is it picking him up?
-Where are they going ?
-Why do they want to steal the diamond? The Mummy Enigma! -Why is Imhotep the keeper of dead?
-Why is no other man aloud to touch her ?
-Why is she painted?
-Why did they kill him ? Tenacious D Enimga! -Why did he refuse to follow the religion?
-Why did his dad beat him for singing?
-Why does he pray to Dio
-Why does he run away? Studio Production
Company Logos These are the company's on which the films are made by. Walden Media, LLC. is a children's film production and publishing company best known as the producers of The Chronicles of Narnia series. Its films are based on notable classic or award-winning children's literature, compelling biographies or historical events, documentaries and some original screenplays. Is an American computer-animated film studio based in Emeryville, California. The studio is best known for its CGI-animated feature films created with PhotoRealistic RenderMan, its own implementation of the industry-standard RenderMan image-rendering application programming interface used to generate high-quality images. Founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle,it is the oldest movie studio in the United States of America. It is also the third oldest in the world that is still in continuous production; the first being Gaumont Pictures, the second oldest is Pathé and the fourth oldest is Paramount Pictures. The Walt Disney Company's Studio Entertainment unit, which includes Disney's motion picture studios, music labels, theatrical production company, and distribution companies.
Walt Disney Studios (Burbank), complex in Burbank, California, built in 1939, which serves as the corporate headquarters for The Walt Disney Company. It is also a functioning film studio and hosts production facilities for Disney's various entertainment businesses. Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., also known as Warner Bros. Pictures or simply Warner Bros. (though the name was occasionally given in full form as Warner Brothers during the company's early years), is an American producer of film, television, and music entertainment. Narration or Text Narration and text is there to tell you who made the film and also who features in it and narration is used to tell the story from either the main characters point of veiw or some one telling the ouside story. In the film 'Star Wars'
there is text and narration used together
the text/narration is used to tell the story before it has been told this is called non-linear narration. In the film 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' there is linear narration used though out the entire of this film this consists of a voice telling a story all the way through the film. In the 'Cat In The Hat'
there is linear narrative used
all the way through the film the man is telling the story from there point of view. There is also the use of linear narrative though out the 'Grinch' too describing the place and the where a bout's where the film is set in and also describing the type of people that live there. In the film
'Horton Hears A Who' There is linear narrative as there is a voice through out the film who tell the story and the location on which the little planet is. The End By Gemma Green
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