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Let me tell you about Homestuck

Homestuck is awesome... and that is all there really is to say on the matter.

Austin Wheeler

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Let me tell you about Homestuck

Homestuck is a...
Music The first panel in Homestuck. Made by this guy, Andrew Hussie.
He appears in his own webcomic. Setting: Homestuck is about these four kids... And these four kids... And these twelve trolls... And these twelve trolls... And these two cherubs. Who play a video game called SBURB... That destroys the world. (We will come back to this later!) Homestuck is styled after old fashion text based adventure games, instead of a "next" button there is a command. These used to be suggested by readers. The commands are things such as
Roxy: Examine dead mutant collection
Terezi: Deploy forensics crew
Gamzee: Indulge emotional theatrics.
or even just
==> (yes those are actual parts in the story) That's the setting, the actual story is
to big for me to explain on one powerpoint All of the dialogue between the characters are in "Pesterlogs" (sort of like IM or Skype), when they are talking in person they take place in "Dialogue logs" Also everyone but the humans
type with "quirks", a way to give personality to each character through typing, it helps
keep track of each character.
They all type in a different color,
so that helps too. This is a example of an animation in Homestuck:

Who was that kid with the apple?
Why was there a picture of a clown?
Why is there a giant meteor?
(I'm pretty sure we already covered that last one)

You will just have to read it for yourself, all 6000 pannels
and 415,660 words worth.
(FYI the book war and peace has about this many words)
Homestuck isn't even finished, it is still updating regularly

The longest animation in Homestuck is around 15 minutes, this animation is less than a minute. If at this point you are not convinced
that it is worth trying, you have very
high standards. Fun fact: About 3,500,000 people read Homestuck
(that's 3.5 million!) (Homestuck has about 28 albums of music
total! And its a COMIC!) FIN. Hussie previous adventure was
called Problem sleuth, PS was entirely commanded (Figuratively and literally!) by its fans. This is worth a read as well and is a lot shorter than Homestuck. The first panel of Problem Sleuth Homestuck also spends a lot of the story around time travel, so that's cool if you like that stuff. A lot of people believe that Homestuck is the first web comic to utilize the internet as a medium of storytelling, taking advantage of all forms of communication (even interpretive dance!) But seriously, just go read Homestuck. Andrew Hussie also managed to raise
quite a bit of money for a Homestuck
video game to be released around 2014
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