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Anti- Drug Campaign

A presentation for prospective students on their first day in my classroom.

ava perry

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Anti- Drug Campaign

-Raise your hand and
hold up one finger.

-Wait for me to place the
bathroom pass at your
-Use the bathroom
quickly and quietly.
-Place the pass on
my desk and go back
to your seat quietly.
In the
- Stand outside the door
in a single-file line.

-Line up in your
assigned spot
-Keep your hands
at your side.
-Face forward.
-No talking.
Anti-Drug Assembly
Our image is very important.
No matter the background
So ... what does this have to do with our image??

Most employers (the ones that pay really good money) look into your back ground and see where you came from

If what they find is...
We can all AGREE that we will NEED money in order to live comfortably in the future.
I think you can see where we are about to go with this...
Despite the fact that we have accomplished a lot of great things collectively as a school, we have acquired a lot of negative media coverage by the press

When there is a label placed on a school, it affects everyone attending that school.

It doesn't matter if most of us don't use drugs...the media has automatically placed a huge label on our school name. Just take a look at how a few people on twitter reacted.
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