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City of Denton Website Redevelopment

No description

on 14 January 2016

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Transcript of City of Denton Website Redevelopment

April 2015
January 2016
October 2016
December 2014
April 2016
Our Timeline
Internal Survey
External Survey
Strategic Planning
Content Audit
Website Development and Design
Stakeholder Interviews
We're looking for a
world-class firm

to partner with us to develop
and build our next website.

But, if you're looking for just a job,
please stop here.

This is a
We'll be working together
to create the most
user-friendly municipal website

where the navigation is

and valuable content is
findable and interactive
The website will serve to
help the City of Denton meet its

strategic goals and objectives

by expanding upon what is expected
of a municipal website.
And, by providing content that is both
engaging and shareable

we will break down digital barriers so
our stories can travel further
We want others to know about
our great city
and what it offers.

Starting with
Denton is located just north
of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.
It currently has about
120,000 residents
and is growing rapidly.
Denton is comprised of an
educated and creative
population ...
two universities

with more than 50,000 students combined ...
two hospitals
an industrial district
and a community of
entreprenuers and business owners.
Denton citizens value
sustainability and collaboration
as evident in the city's
cutting edge practices
vibrant art and music scene
vibrant art and music scene
vibrant art and music scene
and popular
hot spots and special events
The City of Denton is a
full-service municipality
and includes ...
The current City of Denton website
was launched in

It is now more than
13GB in size
with about
1,400 pages

Last year, the site was visited
more than
1.6 million times
In 2014, we began to evaluate our site.

Here are the steps we took,
what we found,
and where we are in the process ...
Our current website is not intuitive.
It is organized by deparment,
and we compete with ourselves
for the best real estate.

We need a site that is
user-centric, structured by audience

There should be a
consistent, scientific approach
to how content is organized.
We have interesting and engaging
content but no way to share it.

We want our stories to be
seen, heard, and shared

City hall has evolved -
citizens used to come to us for
engagement, then to our website -
now we must go to them
Our content managers are busy,
and posting content is not
their primary job duty.

We need tools in place that will
make sharing content easier
and decrease mistakes.
Just like everyone else, mobile
devices are being used more than
ever to access our website.

Rather than beginning with the
desktop version, our focus
needs to begin with the
mobile experience
This is not just a
develop-then-maintain scenario.

After launching, we plan to
continue looking for advancements
to reach our goals and objectives.
Through our research, we identified
with the current site
to progress.

These are listed within the RFP,
but we will highlight some of these ...
We have developed
goals and objectives
for the new website, as well as
strategies and tactics
to help us achieve them.

These are listed in the RFP,
but we also want to hear
your ideas
learn more about Denton
So, are you up for the challenge?

If you're a contender
we hope you'll continue
to read this RFP ...
and develop ideas

to bring to the table.
an electric company, an airport,
multiple libraries and rec centers,
a water park, trail systems, and
a 2,900-acre natural heritage area.
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