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Andrea Espinosa

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of cupcakes

What did we use? The Rise of Cupcakes By: Andrea Espinosa and Lauren Lugones What did we explore? We investigated in the field of Chemistry, our question was...“Does the amount of baking powder affect how much a cake rises?” Why is this useful? We thought this topic was very interesting because this can apply to baking powder ingredients that make the effect for a cake to grow. People can be surprised how simple factors such as baking powder can create a big difference in cake growth. A Few Facts... •Baking powder is a leavener because it contains carbon dioxide, CO2. Leavening is a term used to refer to a bread, cake, muffin etc... rising and expanding it’s volume.
•Baking powder consists of different types of acids.
•Cake rise is how much a cake grows in the process baking powder creating a chemical reaction.
•The bicarbonate of the soda has carbon dioxide, it is released as a gas when exposed to heat, causing the cupcake to rise. What did we predict? If baking powder is added to the batter of a cake, then the batter will rise, because baking powder is a leavener. Experiment: and how did we do it? •baking powder
•white sugar
• butter
• eggs
•vanilla extract
• all-purpose flour
• milk
• 3 medium bowls
• 1 large bowl What are the variables? 1. We preheated oven to 175 Celsius
2.Line the cupcake tin with (4 of each color)
3. In a medium bowl,we mixed the ingedients to bake a cake
4. then separated into the three medium bowls
5. Added 1/2 a teaspoon or baking powder to one bowl
6. Added 1 teaspoon to another bowl
7. Add 1/4 a teaspoon to the other bowl
8 Poured each separate mix into its color liner
9. Baked for 20 to 25 minutes in the oven.
10. Inserted a ruler in the middle of each cupcake The Rise of Cupcakes What we saw... Dependent Variable: Cake rise
Independent Variable: Amount of baking powder
Control Group: 4 regular cupcakes (teaspoon of baking powder) Why did this happen? We tested 3 different cupcakes with different amounts of baking powder to see how leaveners affects the rise of cake batter when it is exposed to heat. The cupcakes with double the amount of the normal baking powder grew the tallest. The cupcakes with the normal amount of baking powder were second and the cupcakes with only half the amount of the regular baking powder resulted the shortest when they were measured using a ruler. Since more amounts of baking powder were added to the "double" cupcakes the expansion in volume increased because it was exposed to heat. One experimental error was that the batter might have not been mixed correctly and completely so the baking powder would not have been spread out in the mix and caused the heights to change because the cupcakes did not have equal amounts of baking powder. The Conclusion Applying our knowledge Thanks to... The End! The hypothesis, "if baking powder is added to the batter of a cake, then it will rise, because baking powder is a leavener" was supported. The trial cupcakes with more baking powder proved the results because they were the tallest. Some future improvements could be testing not only baking powder but also other leaveners like baking soda. We would like to thank our moms, for supplying us with the necessary materials to conduct this experiment. We also appreciate Ms. Rapciack’s help towards our lab report. The information from this experiment can be used for bakers all around the world. People can be aware of leaveners and their chemical reactions on cakes and cupcakes. Finally, bakers could use this information because they could change the amount of baking powder used in cakes to change the height. Some pictures: Some Videos...
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