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The Magic Touch...

Silver Cartouche Package Classy

Alex Vachon

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of The Magic Touch...

Creative Format:
15 seconds image message Your top priority:
fast name recognition

Teaser in 3 seconds

Important announcement: entertaining, right on target messages.

Include the top two or three benefits for prospective buyers: powerful impact viral videos linked to your website.

Add your full tagline: we create the impact images, you reap the benefits.
Product category: A Visual Communications Company
Message objective: Trigger the action of visiting our website....
Creative format: 15 second ad, 30 second ad, Prezi
Structure: Message with story What is Cartouche Creations?
Cartouche Creations is a company that creates... They all have one thing in common. Stories Comedies Commercials Documentaries Reality TV Games It's all about visuals story telling... From Feature films to a single image... We tell stories in a particular way. Messages with impact!
We create the impact images, you reap the benefits. C Cartou llklklkmlkllklk The Magic Touch To Advertise Your Business Powerful Affordable Advertise With The Magic Touch With alex @ cartouchecreations.com
Visual Ads like This One and has
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