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The Story of Pal Hyka

No description

Jackson Edgar

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of The Story of Pal Hyka

The Story of Pal Hyka
The Albanian Soldier
Introducing Pal Hyka
Pal was married and had 1 kid
Pal has 4 brothers and 3 sisters
Pal has 10 cousins
In 1910 Pal lost his family in the Albanian revolt
In 1910 Pal went to America to start a new life
He met an immigrant on the boat to America from Serbia named Zora Novak and they fell in love instantly
Pal's Family
Poor Economic conditions
Escaping the military
New government policies and taxes
Grief/No family
Albanian Revolt of 1910
Push Factors
Better job opportunities
Freedom from the government
Opportunity to start a new family
Pull Factors
Albanian Soldier, 1910
Pal's Job in Albania
In Albania Pal was a low paid carpenter
Pal made 15 cents an hour
Their family was kicked out of their house and on the street. That's when the government recruited him into the Army
Pal's Journey to America
Albania became a country in November 28, 1912
The first leader of Albania was Ismail Qemali in 1912
The flag of Albania is red with a black double headed eagle
Pal lived in Durres, Albania
Albania experienced revolts on 1910-1912
Revolts were a reaction of the new centralization policies of the Young Turk Ottoman government in Albania
Pal lived in Durres, Albania that was close to the shore, so he didn't have to walk long to get on a boat.
Pal got on the boat and went to third class, or the steerage
A lot of his belongings were stolen from him on the trip
Pal crossed the Atlantic ocean
On the boat Pal met Zora Novak. They fell in love, but unfortunately Zora was not granted permission to enter the U.S.A
1912 the first Balkan War occurred
Albanian leaders were encouraged to declare independence of their state
During World War I, the new Albania state collapsed
War ended and the Albanian Territory was divided with Italian, Serbian, Greek and French military occupation
Ellis Island for Pal
When Pal gets off his ship he waits in line at Ellis Island in the Great Hall. The hall was so big to him, he had never seen a room this big before. Zora, his future love was a few spots in front of Pal in the line. After a few minutes she came back and was crying. She had the small pox and was to go back to Siberia. Pal was granted access to the U.S, but his last name was changed to Albania. He couldn't understand the language, so Pal couldn't correct the people who were recording his name. He walked into the U.S happier than ever.
Project By:
Tyson, Jake, and Jackson
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