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Disney College Program

No description

D'Shaylor Fisher

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Disney College Program

Disney College Program
The Disney College Program is a U.S. national internship program operated by The Walt Disney Company, located at the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort.
Walt e as filhas, Diane e Sharon.
Students must be enrolled in an accredited university or college as a full-time or part-time student, and actively taking classes.
There are specific requirements students must meet before applying for the program.
Mickey Mouse comic strip debuts
Disney's first feature-length animated film:
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
The Disney Studio begins its move to California, from Los Angeles
Walt Disney Productions issues its first stock
Walt Disney Music Company is formed
Disneyland, the first Disney park, opened in Anaheim, California.
The first guests were Kristine Vess and her cousin Michael Schwartner, ages 5 and 7
Walt Disney
dies at age 66
Walt Disney World Resort opens with the Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World Village, a large outdoor mall with specialty shops all built by Disney designers, which later became Disney Village Marketplace, opens
Michael Eisner and Frank Wells become chairman/CEO and president of Walt Disney Productions
The agreement to build Euro Disneyland, later renamed Disneyland Paris, was signed in France
The Walt Disney Company joins the Dow Jones
Disney Interactive, a division first intended to develop, market, and distribute cartridge games and CD-ROM software, is formed
Disney Online, a division of Disney Interactive created to develop The Walt Disney Company's online presence, is formed and The Disney Channel begins operation in the UK.
Shareholders approve the Disney merger with Capital Cities/ABC.
Disney sells the Anaheim Angels (baseball team)
Robert Iger becomes president and chief executive officer of The Walt Disney Company
Disney is first to license TV episodes, from ABC and Disney Channel series, for download on Apple’s iTunes Music Store
Marvel Entertainment joins the Disney family
Acquisition of Lucas film
Application Process
Disney merchandising began in 1929 when Walt Disney was approached by a businessman interested in placing Mickey Mouse on the cover of a children’s writing tablet. Since then, Disney Consumer Products and affiliates have grown to extend the Disney brand to merchandise ranging from apparel, toys, home decor, books and magazines to interactive games, foods and beverages, stationery, consumer electronics and fine art. Disney Publishing.
Interactive Media
Disney Interactive Media Group creates branded interactive entertainment and informational content across multiple platforms including online, mobile and video game consoles around the globe
Revenues by geographical area
Walt Disney’s segments compared by revenues and operating income for 2010-2011
Walt Disney Company, as it is mentioned before, operates in 5 different segments. Due to this fact, Disney has a wide variety of competitors either direct or merely. Walt Disney is part of the entertainment diversified industry, thus companies like Time Warner and News Corporation (which are also part of this industry) are direct competing with Disney. On the other hand, companies like Six Flags Inc. and Merlin (which operate only in parks and resorts industry) are merely competing with Disney
The competitors
Emerging markets

Asian theme park attendance is forecast to grow from 249 million in 2009 to 290 million in 2014 and also theme park attendance in China will exceed that of the United States within 10 years.
New attractions’ benefits

In recent years, the researches showed that every time that something new introduced in theme parks, the number of visitors is increasing
Potential of digital 3-D technology

The growth in 3-D cinema screens in the last 5 years is explosive
Rapid Pace of Changing Media and Technology

The rate at which media and technology has changed in the last 15 years is unprecedented. Widespread availability of the Internet occurred from the late '90s, resulted in rapid technological advances in media. While that is wonderful news for the consumer, at the same time, it leaves companies struggling to stay on top of changes occurring at an almost daily basis.
High competition in media industry

The global media industry is $1 trillion business. This industry is dominated by conglomerates Walt Disney, Time Warner Inc. and News Corp
Strong reputation and brand name

Walt Disney through the last 8 decades has accomplished to gain a strong reputation and a powerful brand name. It’s consistence in innovation and the development of new quality products combined with the successful diversification strategies, have all contributed in building that enormous trade mark.
Walt Disney is the leader in theme parks

In terms of attendance Walt Disney is the global leader in theme parks with large difference from the second which is Merlin Entertainment. For 2011 Walt Disney had 121.4 million visitors while Merlin Entertainment had 46.4 million visitors.
A Vast and Diverse Portfolio of characters

The Disney has an impressive collection of new adaptations of old classics such as Robin Hood, Peter Pan and Simba, the Company has created countless characters to star in their feature films.
Walt Disney Company’s huge portfolio is the single best strength of the entire organization.

Disney has managed to diversify more than perhaps any other entertainment company in history. From films to theme parks to consumer products to TV, Disney has broken into nearly every entertainment segment. This constant desire for diversification and growth is what has allowed Disney to enjoy so much success so far.
Overdependence on the North American markets

Walt Disney has its operations across all the world. But, the company derives the majority of its revenues from North American markets, which does not truly reflect its global presence.
High and Increasing Cost of Operation

Unfortunately for the Disney Company, their industry is one with astronomical costs and expenses. Needless to say, it is quite expensive to produce film or build and maintain a theme park.
Moreover, the Operating expenses increased by 9% from 2010 to 2011 in Parks and Resorts segment.
SWOT Analysis
As a result from the Space Matrix analysis, Walt Disney is a financially strong firm that has achieved major competitive advantages in a growing and stable industry. More specifically the company’s position according to this Matrix is at the first quadrant and the deviation of the line is smaller than 45o. So Walt Disney should follow an aggressive strategy.
Housing costs are automatically deducted weekly from cast members' paychecks, so they don't have to worry about turning in a check at the beginning of the month. This cost includes all utilities such as electricity, cable hookup, waste disposal and local phone service; as well as the various resort-style amenities featured at each complex.

Must be 18 years or older before the expected day of arrival
Students must complete at least one semester of a university or college before entering the Disney College Program, but they can apply during their first semester for participation in the program during their second semester.
After the general application is filed, students participate in a web-based interview. Students who are selected to proceed beyond the web-based interview move on to a second round over the phone. Here the students clarify with recruiters which of the roles they would enjoy while attending the program.
Some of the positions for certain jobs include food and beverage, attractions, custodial, hospitality, and entertainment. If a student chooses to apply for an entertainment role, he or she must attend one of several regional auditions.
During the Program, participants will also be able to enjoy a variety of events such as movie nights, welcome events, scavenger hunts, trips to local entertainment venues, talent shows and much more!
Housing participants will have the opportunity to meet and live with people from all over the country, and potentially from around the world within provided housing complexes. These complexes are diverse in their amenities and give the participants a chance to meet others in the program and create a sense of home in a comfortable living community.
Job Opportunities
Walt Disney World Resort (In Florida)
Housing costs range from $86 to $105 per week depending on the size of the apartment and what is assigned to the participant during his or her Program.
Disney Land Resort (In California)
Housing rates are $140 per week
The education program is designed to give participants an opportunity to enhance their academic and professional careers. Participants in Disney's Internships & Programs will be able to design a learning experience to specifically suit their needs and interests.

Students should talk with a faculty or career services adviser to ensure they meet their school's requirements for participation in the program, as well as options for earning college credit during their experience.
Disney does not charge tuition; however, participants are responsible for purchasing textbooks and paying course materials fees.

1. How many semesters does a student have to complete before entering the Disney College Program?
2. What are the two types of interviews students have to go through during the application process?
3. True or False
Participants have to turn in a check at the beginning of the month for housing cost.
4. True or False
The Disney College Program pays for textbooks and material fees.
5. When is the final notification of the applicant's status usually sent out?
Tuition, Textbooks, & Course Materials
How many hidden Mickey Mouse ears were there throughout the presentation?
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