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CVCLT is Going Green!!

A look at our green effort.

Cara Hansen

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of CVCLT is Going Green!!

Team Effort

CVCLT is Going Green!
CVCLT has initiated the process of seeking the NeighborWorks Green Organization designation through NeighborWorks America.
Green Organization Program
green standards in specific lines of business and program areas
What Does This Mean for CVCLT?
Monthly Green Team meetings to review our progress and update the work left to be done
Why Are We Doing This?
Five years ago, CVCLT started an informal effort to reduce energy use, reduce waste, recycle trash and move toward energy efficiencies in our rehab and construction projects.
We Can't Do It Alone!
In order for this effort to be successful, we need the support and cooperation of our Board, staff and residents.
Thanks for Your Support!
" Team:
Alison, Jen V., Nate, Anthony, Maggie, Amanda and Cara
knowledge and capacity through training, peer learning, technical assistance and financial support
the achievements of NeighborWorks network organization members through the new NeighborWorks Green Organization designation
Our "Green Team" has been and will continue to meet monthly to discuss what steps need to be taken to meet NeighborWorks' requirements and to track our progress throughout the process.
A continuation of simple office practices already in place such as recycling, using washable plates and cups, and being conscious of energy consumption
Formal documentation of our efforts
As an organization we have always been concerned with our impact on the environment and creating healthy homes for our residents. Now we are being given the opportunity to improve and expand our efforts while also receiving formal recognition for this work.
Continued commitment to green products and practices at all of the properties in our portfolio, as well as new construction and rehab projects
If you have ideas on ways to make CVCLT greener, please contact any member of the Green Team.
specific green criteria for our organization overall, as well as for the major program areas in which we operate
CVCLT's "Green Team" Department Reps.
Alison Friedkin, Assoc. Dir. of Real Estate Development Green Team Captain
Anthony Mennona
Board Representative
Jennifer Valade, Administrative Assistant
Property Management Representative
Cara Hansen, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
Administrative Representative
Nate Quinn
Maintenance Representative
Maggie Kerrin, Housing Counselor
Homeownership Representative
Amanda Moran-Moshinskie, Staff Accountant
Accounting Representative
This summer CVCLT applied for and was awarded a $10,000 grant from NeighborWorks to use toward achieving the goals required for the NeighborWorks Green Organization designation.
The Green Team plans to spend the next several months putting into place practices which will help us achieve the green designation from NeighborWorks while simultaneously benefiting our organization, the health of our residents, and the environment in general.
We will make our first attempt at applying for the NeighborWorks green designation in the Spring of 2014.
NeighborWorks' goal is to have two-thirds of its over 235 network members achieve the NeighborWorks Green Organization Designation by 2016, transforming the work of the network in support of creating and sustaining a Network of Excellence. We want CVCLT to be one of these organizations.
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