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No description

Erica Mark

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Egghead

Egghead Erica
Room 22
01/02/13 Shane Duran Ronda Riley Mr.Donlan William James Reid Katie McGillvary Devon Mitchell Shane Brad Jenna k Mr.Spence Name: Shane Duran
Age: 15
Physical appearance: Strong and tall
Facial features: Flawless skin
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Clothes: Worn out clothes
Posture: Slumped and slouched
Scars: It looks like a scar. His step-father beat him
If you looked in their bag, what interesting things would you find?: A cell phone and stuff that he stole
What is their noticeable gesture?: Stuck up
Basic attitude: Confident and cocky
Self-image: He thinks he is all that
What is their greatest wish?: His greatest wish is for his father to stop beating him
What are they most afraid of?: Being beat by his father
Worst quality: Cockiness
Best quality: Good at Football
Talented at: Sports
Really bad at: Math
Gives the first impression of: Popular kid
Friends say that he/she is: Funny
Favourite hobbies: Making fun of people
Favourite books: Probably doesn't read
Favourite sports: Football and basketball
Favourite piece of clothing and why: Worn out clothing because he thinks it's cool.
Favourite hang out: The alleyway
Favourite saying: Sup? Name: Ronda
Age: 35
Physical appearance: Friendly
Facial features: Makeup to cover up bruises from Riley
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Clothes: Fancy
Posture: Perfect posture
Scars: Bruises from Riley
If you looked in their bag, what interesting things would you find?: An ice pack and makeup
What is their noticeable gesture?: Looking away
Basic attitude: Timid and Friendly
Self-image: She thinks she should break up with Riley but Riley would get mad.
What is their greatest wish?: For Shane to accept Riley for the way he is.
What are they most afraid of?: Getting beat by Riley
Worst quality: Too accepting
Best quality: Has a awesome personality
Talented at: Cutting hair
Really bad at: Nothing
Gives the first impression of: A mother
Friends say that he/she is: Lovely
Favourite hobbies: Baking
Favourite books: The Notebook
Favourite piece of clothing and why: Long Dresses because it hides the bruises from Riley
Favourite hang out: The Kitchen
Favourite saying: How was your day, hunny? Facts:
- Curious
- Weird
- Unique
- Likes to catch lice to examine them
- Loves bugs
- Intelligent Describe how this new character might change the story: William will continue being who he is and people will come to his side. Shane will lose all his friends. Facts:
-Sticks up for people
-Isn't judgemental
-Friendly Describe how this new character might change the story: Katie is going to stick up for William. Soon all of Katie's friends are going to join along and Shane will be left with no friends. Facts:
-Goes with the crowd
-One of Shane's best friends
-Feels bad about what Shane's doing but doesn't care because Shane is popular
-Over confident
-Cocky Describe how this new character might change the story: Devon will realize that Shane is a bully and stop hanging out with Shane. And he will stick up for William. Facts:
-Gets beaten from Riley
-Bullies people to let out his anger
-Thinks he is popular but in reality half the school hates him
-Over confident
-Cocky Describe how this new character might change the story: Shane will lose all his friends and realize the only way to get friends is to treat people the way you want to be treated. Facts:
-One of Shane's best friends
-Goes along with Shane's pranks
-Over confident Describe how this new character might change the story: Brad will continue bullying people with Shane. Facts:
-Best friends with Katie
-Doesn't like the fact that Katie is friends with Egghead
-Cares about who she's friends with Describe how this new character might change the story: Jenna and Katie's friendship will fade because Jenna doesn't like the fact that Katie is friends with William. If she was really best friends with her, she would'nt care who Katie is friends with. Facts:
-Principle of the school
-Wife passed away Describe how this new character might change the story: He will continue to be the principle. Bullying is when someone or a group of people are bringing someone down. This includes insulting, physical fights, threats and the list goes on. Also, bullying can be found on the internet. That situation is called cyber bullying. What does it look like? Bullying doesn't have a certain appearance. Here are some situations of bullying, a group of people cornering a kid for lunch money. In the book, Shane kicked William out of the change room while he was in his underwear. "I don't know what annoyed me more. The people who cared about who I was or wasn't friends with, or that I cared that they cared." Katie

What does the above quote tell you about Katie ? The quote above tells us that Katie cares about what people think about her. For example, since she is friends with Will she doesn't want to be labeled as a "loser" or as Will's girlfriend. What is bullying? What might happen to Will and Katie's friendship? Katie and Will's friendship might get awkward due to what Jenna said about them. Katie doesn't want to be labeled as Will's girlfriend. She might talk and hangout with him less so people don't think they're dating. In the world millions of people are being bullied. They might not fit in because they are unique and different. They will get lonely. This may lead to self harm and worse of all, suicide. This relates to Egghead because they are both going through the same thing. Except he is friends with Katie so he doesn't feel as lonely. T2W- How does Egghead relate to bigger issues and events in the world? T2T- How does Egghead relate to another book you read? In this book it involves bullying and not fitting in because he is unique. This relates to this other book I read. I don't remember the tittle of it. In the book the boy got bullied and had no friends. He decided he wanted to end his life. They brought him into he hospital. He got put in rehab. I stopped reading this book when he was still in rehab because it got really disturbing and inappropriate. T2ME- Can you relate your own experiences to what has happened so far in the story? In my life I was super shy. In grade one I was in a split class of Grade 1 and 2's. There were only 7 grade ones in my class. I would spend my recesses alone because I was too shy to talk to anyone. I remember writing down recess as my less favourite subject. Then I made a few friends and played with them. I became less shy and didn't spend my recesses alone. Choose a character and describe their thoughts and actions in a certain scene. Write out their point of video on one side and your counterpoint on the other side. Describe how you would have reacted if you were in that situation. How would that change the story? Situation- When Katie falls and Devon helps her up. Point of view- Devon: "Stay cool, I'm not going to mess this up. I will just bump into her then help her up so she thinks I'm a gentlemen.
Katie: -Falls- "Oh great, one of Shane's buddies is picking on me already. It's only second period!"
Devon: -Helps Katie up- "Oh my gosh, her hands are so soft. I never want to let go. This is the first girls hand I've ever held except for my mother. But that doesn't count."
Katie: "Why is he holding my hand? -blushes-
Devon: "She's blushing! Jackpot! I should let go of her hand now so she doesn't suspect anything. -lets go of her hand- I will compliment on her drawings so she doesn't think I tripped her on purpose. There was a beautiful picture of her. I told Katie how wonderful I thought it was. But I told her she was flat chested. She took that really hard. She stormed off. I didn't realize what I was saying."
Katie: "I can't believe Devon said that. I know it's true but why does he have to point it out? Why was he even looking there? Pervert.
Devon: I feel bad about Katie. I don't know if she'll ever forgive me. Counter Point of View- If I was in Katie's position I would've let go on Devon's hand right away. He treated Katie like a jerk and I would want to get as far away from him as I can. This would've changed the story because Devon might move on. Since Katie doesn't feel the same way Devon would have gave up on her. What would you do if you were Katie and somebody destroyed your project for the Science Fair, bullied your friend and you could tell your friend was serious hurt but unwillingly to tell the truth? I would tell Mr.Spence that Shane and Brad are bullying Will. I know that Will doesn't want me to tell but if no one says anything it's only going to get worse. Mr.Spence would most likely let Will talk to the guidance councilor or therapist. He will also make sure to keep an eye on Shane and Brad.

Shane and Brad would be nothing if everyone didn't play along. If more people would stick up for Will then Shane and Brad would stop. People would have no respect for them. That is why if Katie told Mr.Spence, it would be better than doing nothing at all. Name: Riley
Age: 38
Physical appearance: Tough
Facial features: Scruffy Beard
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Clothes: Casual
Posture: Slouched
Scars: It looks painful and was caused from beating up Shane.
If you looked in their bag, what interesting things would you find?: A picture of Ronda.
What is their noticeable gesture?: Putting his hand into a fist.
Basic attitude: Tough and Edgy
Self-image: He thinks that he has "Swag"
What is their greatest wish?: To get married to Ronda and have Shane out of the picture.
What are they most afraid of?: Spiders
Worst quality: Has anger issues
Best quality: Has a good sense of humor
Talented at: Building houses
Really bad at: Controlling his temper
Gives the first impression of: A person who hangs out in the Alley way.
Friends say that he/she is: bossy
Favourite hobbies: Watching TV
Favourite books: Doesn't read
Favourite piece of clothing and why: Tight t-shirts because it shows his biceps.
Favourite hang out: The Alley way
Favourite saying: Yo Shane, go make me a sandwich before my fist meets your face. Name: Mr.Donlan
Age: 46
Facial features: A beard
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Clothes: Formal
Posture: Perfect posture
Scars: Doesn't have any
If you looked in their bag, what interesting things would you find?: A extra tie
What is their most noticeable gesture?: Putting a pencil behind his ear.
Basic attitude: Strict
Self-image: He thinks he is a good teacher.
What is their greatest wish?: To never lose his job.
What are they most afraid of?: Losing his job.
Worst quality: Gives out a lot of detentions
Best quality: Outgoing
Talented at: Baseball
Gives the first impression of: A strict teacher
Friends say that he/she is: Outgoing
Favourite hobbies: Going to baseball games with his son.
Favourite books: Has too many
Favourite sports: Baseball
Favourite piece of clothing: His ties because he can customize them.
Favourite hang out: The staff room
Favourite saying: Homework is due tomorrow! Why are Devon, Shane and Brad at the end of the line? Devon , Shane and Brad were at the end of the line because they want to talk to each other. Shane gives Devon a snowball and a challenge. How does Devon react? Devon decides not to throw the snowball at anyone. Why is Shane glad to see Devon give Brad a snow job? Shane was glad to see Devon give Brad a snow job because he thought Devon changed. Devon has been sticking up for Katie and not being apart of their pranks. He is becoming nice. And Shane is happy that he still has some mean in him. It is a two man lift. Why doesn't Devon mind being the odd man out? Devon doesn't mind being the odd man out because he is finally realizing that Shane and Brad are bullies. He doesn't want to be apart of that. Also, he got to sit with Katie. Professor Reid Facts:
-He is a professor
-William's father
-Cares about what people think of William and not how William feels
-Always busy with work Describe how this new character might change the story: Professor Reid will continue to be busy with work. He also doesn't care about how William feels. Pretend you are a student at "Egghead's" school and you were there that day when he got hurt. Write a letter to Egghead while he is in the hospital. Dear Will, Wednesday February 1st, 2010

I hope you get better from the accident fast. I can't believe I let you ski down that hill. I feel like it's my fault you ended up in this situation. If I had skied down the hill and picked up your hat then none of this would've happened.

You have to tell Mr.Spence about Shane and Brad. They took it way to far this time. I hate them! But I hate myself even more for letting you go down that hill.

I've been visiting you almost everyday. I know you can't see or hear me. I just want to apologize for being a horrible friend. I hope you get well soon.

Love, Katie Where will the story go from here, Will being in the hospital. Predict the conclusion to this novel. How will it end? Provide evidence to support your prediction. Will wakes up from the coma. He is denying to return back to school. He wants to have a fresh start at a new school. Meanwhile, Katie and Devon admit their feelings towards each other. The feeling was mutual, they start dating.

Devon stops hanging out with Shane and Brad. He has always known they were bullies. But they took Will to a whole new level. Devon didn't ever want to be apart of that again. Will still keeps in touch with Devon and Katie.

Shane will also stop bullying people. He will soon realize that he is being exactly like Riley. Riley and Shane's mom will break up. Now Shane doesn't have a reason to take his anger out on other people. "If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they're yours; if they don't they never were." How does this apply to the story of Egghead? Make a T2T, T2W and T2self connection with this quote. This quote applys to the story called "Egghead" because Katie set Devon free. Devon came fighting back to win over Katie's heart. Katie rejected Devon when he asked her to be his science partner. Devon kept trying to prove to her that he isn't owned by Shane. He isn't like Shane. In the end, Devon won over Katie and now they are together. In this movie called "The Notebook" Allie and Noah fell in love. Unfortunately, Allie moves back to Charleston. Noah wrote 1 letter to her everyday of the year. She never responded, so he gave up. Seven years later, Allie is now engaged to Lon. Noah decided to restore the house. White with blue shutters, just like Allie requested. Allie saw Noah's picture in the paper. She goes and visits him and their feelings came back for each other. Allie's mother gives Allie all 365 letters that Noah wrote to her. Noah and Allie get married. This relates to the quote because Allie set Noah free but they found a way back to each other. In this world lots of people break up and never get back together because they weren't meant to be. Liam Payne from One Direction and Danielle Peazer broke up back in September. Liam was always away due to One Direction's fame. They barely got to see each other. They couldn't handle a long distance relationship for much longer. They broke up.

Everyone in the fandom was crying their eye outs. Liam and Danielle were such a cute couple. Thankfully, 3 months later they got back together. They happened to be shopping at the same mall and there were photos of them holding hands. This relates to the quote because they set each other free and found a way back to each other. In my life I haven't had a situation that could relate to this quote. Here is the closest situation I could come up with. I was best friends with this girl when I was younger, our friendship faded apart throughout the years. A few years later we became best friends again till this day on. This relates to the quote because we found a way back to each other. Fast forward 20 years, what happens to Will, Katie, Devon, Shane, Jenna and Brad? In 20 years from now William will take the footsteps of his father. He will be a professor. Instead of not having time for his family like his father did, he will make sure to have enough quality time with his loved ones. He will have a lovely wife and 2 children. In 20 years from now Katie and Devon will be married. They will have 3 kids. Two girls and one baby boy. Their children's names are Isabella, Rosie and Jacob. Isabella and Rosie are twins. They are 5 years old. Jacob is 1. Katie is a nurse at the hospital. Devon is a fireman. In 20 years from now Shane will be a therapist. He felt horrible for how many people he has hurt throughout his life. He wants to be able to help with people's problems. He wants them to know that he has their back, even if no one else does. He is dating Erin and is awaiting a lovely baby girl. In 20 years from now Jenna will be an alcoholic. She will be in rehab. She is also addicted to drugs. She has been in rehab for 2 months and nothing much has changed. She has a 3 years old daughter that she put up for adoption because she needed extra money. The father of her child is Mike Montana. Jenna thought she could live the rest of her life with him. Once she told him she was pregnant, he left her. That is where her drug and alcohol addiction started. In 20 years from now Brad will be a professional basketball player in the NBA's. He will be dating a cheerleader. He dropped out of college so he needed a job that didn't require good academics. So I've Been Told By Flip Soulijia (David Mallari) This song is about his life struggles. He is talking about how his father left him when he was little. He didn't have a role model to look up to, until his teachers came along. He got bullied in school and went through a lot. He is writing about how thankful he is to have his mom and teachers because they supported him through this. What is the song about? What are some things that have happened in his life? Some things that have happened in his life is his father left him when he was little. He was also bullied in school and didn't have the confidence to stick up for himself. What does the chorus mean? The chorus means in order to grow and learn you will need to go through some hard things. For example, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" By Kelly Clarkson also has the same meaning as the chorus of the song. In order to become a strong person you need to go through a life struggle. "They say that things cannot grow, they need the winter snow, so what I've been told?"
What does the above quote mean? What metaphors is he using? What do the metaphors mean? The quote means that you learn from your mistakes and struggles. They make you a stronger person and who you are today. The metaphor he is using is plants need water to grow. During the winter the plants have to lock in all the moisture. That is a struggle for the plant because if it didn't have any water, it would die. The metaphor is basically saying you have to go through a lot to succeed. What if Katie had not moved a couple of inches, how would Shane have reacted? If Katie hadn't moved then Shane would think she had confidence. He most likely would've backed away. Since she moved a few steps backwards, it showed lack of confidence which makes her an easy target. To This Day In this book called "Egghead" William gets bullied and his only friend is Katie. He gets called names. His nickname is Egghead. In this video Shane Koyezan is specking about his childhood. He falls out of a tree and tells the police his grandma gave him karate chops. When he returns to school he is called "Porkchop." Both in the video and Egghead, the people get called nicknames, has no friends and gets bullied. To This Day In the world millions of people are being bullied. For example, Jillian Jepsan was a girl who got bullied. She auditioned for the X-Factor. In her audition she sang with so much emotion and pain. I cried, Simon Cowell even teared up. The bullies use to say that she can't sing. They would play her songs and laugh at them. I know that her situation is very different compared to the video, but they have similar qualities. For example, both of them got bullied, they sang/spoke with so much emotion, that is what made them so special. They went through a lot. That causes you to grow stronger than you were before. To This Day In my life I wasn't necessarily bullied, but I had a lot of enemies. I became enemies with them for pathetic reasons. To this day, we are either friends or we don't communicate. I know that my life situation is way different compared to the videos, but I went through a lot. I choose the word "Bombarded" because it's not a common word. He is saying his teacher moved him to the back so he wouldn't get attacked by spit balls.
I choose the word "Sanity" because in the video it was spelled out in big letters so I knew it was an important word.
The phrase "Definition of beauty begins with the word Mom" stood out to me because she has a birthmark that takes up half her face but her kids see her heart before they see her skin.
"1 part because of the pills, 99 parts because of the cruelty" stood out to me because he was depressed and wanted to kill himself.
The phrase "They were wrong" was extremely powerful. He is saying " You built a cast around your broken heart and signed it yourself, you signed it They Were Wrong." It's basically saying that even though things seemed bad at the time they will get better if you learn from your struggles. Reflection of your choice Mean By Taylor Swift Reflection of your choice Hero by Super Chick Reflection of your choice Who Says By Selena Gomez I choose this song because Taylor is singing about how someone is bullying her. The lyric " You, with your words like knifes. And swords and weapons that you use against me." represents that she felt both physical and emotional pain. In Egghead Shane bullied William. He hurt him physically and emotionally. I choose this song because she is talking about how if you stand up for someone being bullied, you can save a life. Don't be a bystander. This song makes me think of Katie. She stood up for William. If she didn't stand up for him then he might've gotten depressed. Depression can lead to self harm or worse of all, suicide. I choose to this song because Selena is saying not to believe the negative comments that people say. Don't let them bring you down. In Egghead, William is very different and people judge him for that. He embraces his inner weirdness. When you are yourself you will find people who love you for you are. The End
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