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Making an alternative to Tide Bleach

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Wasif Ahmad

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Making an alternative to Tide Bleach

Bleach 2 GO a Safe Bleach Bleach 2 GO Procedure for experiment: 1)Take a cloth
2)Put ketchup on cloth
3)Let the ketchup stain dry to simulate a real stain
4)Apply Bleach 2 GO on stain
5)Wait till the stain is fully gone
6)While doing the same experiment with Clorox Bleach
7)Compare results and how long it took Clorox Bleach to remove stain against Bleach 2 GO A Creation by WabRaj inc. Presented by: Wasif and Yuvraj 1) 1 quarter cup of fresh water (liquid, solute)
2) Half cup of Hydrogen Peroxide (liquid, solvent)
3) Quarter cup of vinegar (liquid, solute)
4) 2tbsp of lemon juice (liquid, solute)
5) 3tsp of rose oil (liquid, solute)
6) Measuring cups
7) Spray bottle
8) Cloths
9) Ketchup
10) Clorox Bleach Purpose: Observations Hypothesis Materials Clorox Bleach has many harmful materials in it. These materials can harm the environment and our health, so we made an alternative to Clorox Bleach and our bleach is non-toxic and does not harm the environment or our health. Our product is Bleach 2 GO. Procedure to make Bleach 2 GO: 1) pour 1 quarter cup of fresh water in spray bottle
2) pour Half cup of Hydrogen Peroxide in spray bottle
3) then a Quarter cup of vinegar
4) 2tbsp of lemon juice
5) 3tsp of rose oil
6) finally shake bottle so everything mixes How we came up with the name? Bleach 2 GO Our bleach was made in a spray bottle and is used in a spray bottle so you can take it any where on the go to fight stains, and since it is non-toxic you can use it on your cloths without using a washing machine without a problem. So this bleach is ready '2 Go'. That is another feature about the Bleach 2 GO that makes it better than Clorox Bleach. no washing machine needed Our logo of bleach 2 GO has the 2 under the "Bleach'' we made it like that because the main ingredient in our Bleach is the non-toxic chemical Hydrogen Peroxide. The symbol for this chemical is H2O2 (the two under the "H'' and "O'') so to represent that we did the chemical representation sign with the 2. Hydrogen Peroxide chemical A bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide How to use Bleach 2 GO: Just shake the bottle and spray the bleach exactly on the stain, 3-4 sprays should be plenty. Instantly the stain should seem to get lighter. For best results and complete fade use paper towel or water to clean/rinse the stain away. The purpose of this experiment is to make an alternative product for the commercial product, Clorox bleach. The purpose of that bleach is to be able to remove stains. The purpose of doing this experiment is to show our product works as well as Clorox bleach, and to prove that our alternative product helps the environment and that Clorox bleach is dangerous to the environment. Making an alternative bleach for Clorox Bleach We think that our alternative for Clorox bleach will work as well as Clorox bleach or maybe even better. All these substances are soluble so when we put in all our materials into the spray bottle the particles of each different substance will mix because they are attracted to each other and they are forces of matter that are made of particles. We think when we spray our bleach on the stain the stain will remove under 20 minutes and will work as well as tide bleach when we do the same stain experiment. All substances have bonds. Bonds are what keep the physical orientation of a substance together (e.g colour), that is why they have a different look and the look cannot be simply wiped off, but bleach works to disrupt these bonds, causing psychical orientations like colour to fade away, that is exactly what we think will happen to the stain colour on the cloth. That is what we think will happen. In conclusion our product does work as well as Clorox bleach and is non-toxic and safe for the environment. All our ingredients in our product are liquids, forms of matter and they are all made up of particles. The particles inside the bottle are attracted to each other and are constantly moving. Our bleach was successfully able to remove the stain under 20 minutes Thank You. When we put our bleach on the stain the particles of the bleach disrupted the stain’s particle attraction and caused the colour to be removed. Clorox bleach harms the air we breathe; the water we drink, our health, and our environment; so our alternative Bleach2GO gets the job done, is healthier for the environment and our health, and is ready 2 GO. Clorox bleach Original: 5 mins: 10 mins: 15 mins: (20 mins) (After washing) (20 mins) (After washing) Chemical bonds
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