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Business Plan


James Walker

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Business Plan

J-Dubs Pizzeria Short Term Costs Long Term Costs Environment Location Message to Community Labor Ingredients Utilities Ovens etc. Cook Waiters Bussers Sales Accountants Managers Advertising People Person Interesting Smart Trustworthy Customer Service Knows the product Attitude is king. Po Heavy in the start Clay can make comercials J-dub's quick n Easys 5$ Breakfast pizza, the sauce its gonna be boss Hand Outs to freshmen
Gormet pizza's Fresh healthy pizza Doesn't have to be the most experienced One main cook Smart, capable to lead Trustworthy Jesse Wohl Profit % to charity Pizza, breadsticks, quick n easys, breakfast on sundays till 2pm (already have all the ingrediants) Quick Deicent with people Fresh Semi-Cheap From aaron-Smith Family Foods Lighting Water Cable+ Internet Ovens Tools coffee Pop machines Freezers refrigerator Charities Broken Homes Adoption Main purpose: Help single parents across the US with $ Main goal: Make adoption cheaper for families well equiped for kids High Street Off-Campus Housing Thousands of hungry students walk on high street every hour of the day and most of the night, they want cheap fast food, or a quality pizza. I can supply both. New Buildings New Business ideas Bobbin Robbin's Soft Serve More ovens and equipment More locations across US Bose Speakers Lighting Seats Color Pallet Quotes + Art Crisp, Clear Sound. Everyone enjoys good sound quality. Quality Music Music Worth the price Osu, University specific Comfortable You feel comfortable with friends, good place to relax Quotes about loving life, enjoying it and not waisting it Adam Routson: Sculpture major at OSU, makes legit work Easy on the eyes, relaxing Appealing to College students Notorious BIG Slightly Stoopid Jack Johnson Pete Philly and Perquisite Sublime Beck 311 Jurassic 5 Bone Thugs Dr. Dre Black Star MGMT Drake Gorillaz The Roots A Tribe Called Quest Kid Cudi Ohio State University Make an OSU pizza give 10% profit to business group Meal swipes Buck ID Football Games Promote Education Salarie Numbers Make good money on sports events Every seat on the floor must be in view of a tv Menu Pros: Cheap, Fast Pizza Crazy Bread Hot-n-Readys Deicent taste, not the best ingredients Pros: Ingredients Quality pizza College Oriented Chill environment located around campus What they LACK High Street Good ingrediants and cheap 5 dollar pizzas Breakfast pizza Quality sound and environment The End buck fsadfasd dsafdf dfsad fdsafd
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