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Albert Bandura

Theorist Project EDMG 306

Megan Warner

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Albert Bandura

Albert Bandura Megan Warner
EDMG 306-001 Born in 1925 in Canada
Received his bachelors in Psychology
Ph.D from Iowa Background Theory Young Adults are at a very vulnerable stage in their lives and models are important to their development of self. As future teachers we need to be careful about the image and example that we are to our students. They are always watching us and we do not want to be the cause of a bad behavior. At the same time we have the unique opportunity to model good and positive behavior to our young adult students. How is this imporant to us? Took position at Wichita Guidance Center
Professor at Stanford University
Wrote "Adolescent Aggression" Reciprocal determinism became interested in behaviorism and learning theory "The world and a person's behavior cause each other" Bobo Doll Study After watching the model act a certain way to the Bobo Doll, the student acts in a similar fashion. The student exposed to the model's behavior is more likely to act negatively. Social Learning Theory Learning by watching the actions
of others Variations
that affect
the modeling
process Attention We need a reason to do the things we do. Imagery and language help us remember things. Once students have seen an image in their head, they have the ability to reproduce them. Students will not learn as much if they are distracted by outside influences. Characteristics of the model can influence good attention. Retention our brains store mental images so we can bring them up and see them later. Reproduction Just because we can see the action in our head doesn't mean we can physically reproduce the action. Motivation Motivators Positive Motivators Past reinforcement
Promised reinforcement
Vicarious Reinforcement Negative Motivators Past Punishment
Promised Punishment
Vicarious Punishment Work Cited http://webspace.ship.edu/cgboer/bandura.html
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