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"Through Deaf Eyes"

No description

Kayla Murphy

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of "Through Deaf Eyes"

- Movies separated deaf people from hearing.
-Radio news, music, and weather warnings were offered to the hearing but not the deaf.
-Telephones further separated the deaf community. Views of Deafness •If you were to ask hearing people what it would be like to be a deaf person most hearing people would name a list of all the things that they wouldn’t be able to do. Hearing people think of deafness as some big tragedy when really it’s not.
•Deaf people don’t see themselves as having a problem. It’s the same as being a man or being a woman it just is. They see all the things that they can do such as make movies, dance, and act just to name a few.
•Ethnocentrism: is when someone feels that their culture is better. So when we relate to the Deaf culture the hearing culture feels as if there’s is better. Because the Deaf “need to be fixed”.
•Deafness is almost always one generation thick. Most deaf people have hearing children so deaf people interact with a very intimate leave with the hearing all their lives and yet most hearing people do not understand deafness and still think of it as a problem. February 13, 2012 Ben Carr
Erin Bauder
Shelba Durham
Kayla Murphy
Nolan Woodworth Cochlear Implants -A cochlear implant is a device that bypasses part of the ear and sends electrical impulses directly to the brain.
-Part of the device is internal and must be surgically implanted into the ear.
-The implant is permanent and destroys any residual hearing in the affected ear. "Children of a Lesser God" Deaf Schools in America - Founded by Colonel Bolling and Thomas Braidwood
-Teaching begin March of 1815 in Cobb, Va
- Conneticut Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Persons'. Hartford, April 1817 "Through Deaf Eyes" •The hearing world just looks at the ear, the problem, and what needs to be fixed.
This is called pathologization. Doctors would look at a deaf person and see the ear as what is the “problem” with that person. They think that that is what defines the person. When really we need to understand that they are normal they just have some accommodations to work around.
•Example if one of you were to walk into a room of all deaf people you would need accommodations as well.
•There are two different types of world’s one hearing and one deaf. Deaf people have this planet that they call EARth which relates to the ear to speaking and hearing and then the other world EYEth relates to the eye and is a visual world. -"Children of a Lesser God is a 1986 romantic drama about two employees at a deaf school that subsequently fall in love.
-The movie was adapted from a play by Mark Medoff and starred William Hurt and Marlee Matlin
-The film achieved box office success and gained popularity in both the deaf and hearing communities. Marlee Matlin -Marlee Matlin has been deaf since she was 18 months old.
-Marlee Matlin has been all over the entertainment industry, from an academy award winning film, to Desperate Housewives, to Dancing with the Stars, to writing an autobiography entitled "I'll Scream Later."
-For her role in "Children of a Lesser God," she won both an Academy award and a Gloden Globe for best actress.
-Since 1926 (and before the introduction to sound in movies), Marlee Matlin was the first deaf actor to play a major role. "Children of a Lesser God's" Significance -"Children of a Lesser God" raised awareness about the deaf community.
-The movie's deaf characters gave faces to the deaf community, and introduced the community to the hearing one.
-Like any love story, this one, in particular, was relatable to viewers.
-The movie was also important in Marlee Matlin's career, as she became a heroin of the deaf community and an inspiration to many aspiring deaf actors and actresses. History •In the 1800’s deaf people were not even allowed to leave near the hearing people. There were very few Americans believed that deaf people could be educated at all.
•Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet opened the first permanent school for deaf children in America. He opened this school with a head teacher from France Laurent Clerc. Clerc brought over French sign language to the school.
•The hearing world sees Alexander Graham Bell as a hero however it is seen differently in the Deaf community because he thought that a life without sign would be a better life. Because he thought that signing was preventing the deaf to learn how to speak. He strongly believed in the oral method. Teaching the Deaf how to speak.
•In the late 1860 oral schools began to open up and they did not teach sign and banned its use. They thought that if they knew what speech looked like that they could read lips. Barriers made by Technology Results of Technolgy -Deaf people were denied promotions that used phones.
-Contactng people from home took longer for a deaf person than a hearing.
-When an emergency struck, many deaf people could not contact 911. One Solution to the Technical Setback -In 1964, Robert Weinbrecht developed a phone that could convert sound into text and text into sounds, called TTY (Teletypewriter).
-By the 1980s, TTYs were enabled in most deaf homes allowing them to communicate similarly to hearing people. Exploring 200 years of Deaf Life in America American School for the Deaf - First school of primary and secondary education to receive aid from the federal government
- Alice Cogswell
-Reverend Thomas Gallaudet Deaf Schools Today and Teaching Methods -Bilingual-bicultural Education
- Residential program
- Auditory-oral and auditory-verbal
- Mainstream inclusion -Cochlear implants can help improve a deaf child's hearing. However, the sound is much lesss clear than the sound that a hearing child would experience.
-Hair cells transmit sounds to the brain that the cochlear implant cannot replicate.
-A deaf child that uses a cochlear implant must work hard to figure out what the sounds mean. -Parents of deaf children must decide what method of communication to teach their child.-85 percent of deaf children spend their entire education in public mainstream programs where they learn to communicate in sign language.
-An alternative is to enroll the child in deaf school where the children use cochlear implants or hearing aids and learn to communicate using voice.
Deaf schools traditionally avoid using sign language.
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