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Eyedea - Anti Advertising Agency

Company Profile

Ibrahim Ali

on 11 August 2011

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Transcript of Eyedea - Anti Advertising Agency

We are an ANTI Advertising Agency Imposed Creativity In most agencies, they try to impose creative ideas on their Clients for their own benefit; creating a buzz over the agency, winning creative awards, creating an impressive portfolio, etc… Disregarding the Client’s business objective! We tailor your request to shape the creative work to ensure effectiveness by building an efficient communication through defining your business objective, your source of business, target group, and your benefit barrier. Over Exaggerated Rates Advertising Agencies tend to EXAGGERATE when it comes to costs, trying their best to make as much money as they can out of their Clients by tripling their profits, trying to force unnecessary jobs just to drive more business to the Agency. We guarantee you reasonable and fair charges – at least 30% below market rates - for your own benefit and ours. Extravagant Timelines Have you ever briefed your agency on a simple tactical flyer and you received a provoking reply asking for two weeks to work on the same just because their turnaround sheet imposes such ridiculous timeline?! When a job requires one hour, we will give it to you in one hour, if it take two days, we’ll send it in two days – You just have to trust us when it comes to deadlines, we won’t let you down. How We Work Justified Creativity Reasonable Rates Practical Timelines Grounded in Strategy Open Relationsip Task Oriented and Flexible Communication Process CONSUMER INSIGHT EVALUATION BRIEF ADVERTISING
IDEA WHY? Grounded in Strategy Open Relationship Task Oriented and Flexible AT EYEDEA CONSUMER BARRIERS Is what lies between your target (consumer/ potential consumer) and your benefit. There are FIVE common consumer barriers which are;
1- Awareness 2- Relevance 3- Superiority
4- Credibility 5- Negativity
The first challenge is knowing your consumer barrier and overcoming it! Is what helps you overcome the barrier, leads to a “call to action” and inspires the advertising idea. To generate insight, you have to know your target, admit the truth, push human emotions and look at things in new ways. Great insights come from WATCHING. Is the main tool of communication btween YOU and ME. It communicates the main reason why you want to advertise. It’s main objective is to put us on the right track and invite us to the challenge.
We believe that the simpler the better. Is the creative transformation of the Barrier, Insight, and Brief – and that is able to convert feartures into benefits to seduce and fully convince your target to choose your brand. Is the message clear?
Is it Credible and Believable?
Is it Differentiating? Does it build Superiority?
Is it Relevant?
Does it meet the brief?
Does it overcome the consumer barrier? Our Team Hussein Shafik: Creative Director
Ibrahim Ali: Account Manager
Farah Serry: Account Manager
Ayman Elsangak: Account Executive
Abd ElRahman Amr: Business Developer We do NOT believe in hierarchies… We work as a TEAM Work Samples and Major Achievements
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