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Star wars

No description

Laura Buckham

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Star wars

A short time ago, in a lecture room not so far, far away (Coventry... which is basically like being on another planet!)
Friday Group 3 began their quest to discover how the Star Wars
fan community operate.
The struggle was long, the sources were vast, but the group pulled together to discover the love, passion, culture and actions of the Star Wars fan community...
May the 4th
(be with you)

May the 4th is a fan-made anniversary created by Star Wars fans to celebrate the Star Wars culture, books and to acknowledge the films. It is called 'Star Wars Day' in relation to the phrase "May the force be with you" which is a famous quote spoken by numerous characters throughout the film series.
Star Wars Uncut
Star Wars Remix
As Star Wars is so popular, big conglomerates have included sections of Star Wars into their productions. This includes Toy Story, Family Guy and Robot Chicken
The parody's are a social function of Star Wars
'a community that articulates values and shared affect' (Jenkins,2006: 19)
The productions below share the affects of Star Wars and it's fandom.
Social Media Universe
Toy Story
De Certeau

A Territorial View on Audiences.

Star wars uncut is an example of the fans putting themselves into the ‘what if’ scenario, taking the producers ideas and making them their own by re-creating the scenes. This is the prosumers ‘trespassing' upon others property but is legal in terms of the transformative works copyright infringement.
Transformative works – creative works about settings created by fans of a media text, rather than by the original creators.
"The circulation of media content - across different media systems, competing media economies, and national borders - depends heavily on consumers' active participation."
(Jenkins, H. 2006: 3)

Highlighting the importance of a fan community to a text or franchise.
Star Wars has successfully spread over various generations of fans since first release in the late 70's.
The current 'digital generation' now have so many online resources and social media to communicate with other fans and demonstrate their passion for the films.
Copyright Issues
Toy Story incorporates Star Wars into this film by having Buzz Light Year as 'Luke Skywalker' and Emperor Zurg as 'Darth Vader'. These characters fight each other at the end and Buzz says 'You killed my father!' and then Zurg replied 'I am your father!'.
Having this in a successful Disney film which is targeted at families, parents watching the film can relate back to the Star Wars storyline.

A 'user-directed broadcast' created by Casey Pugh and thousands of Star Wars Fans.
Won an Emmy in 2011 in the “outstanding creative achievement in interactive media" cateory.
Participatory audience
Official Star Wars Website
Family Guy
Participation in the Textual Production.
Being part of an adoring audience often constitutes a desire to participate in the textual production and Casey Pugh's film producion feeds this desire. Fans can show off their own interpretation of each 15 second scene and complete upto five scenes of their own. Each scene is then placed onto vimeo and you can download your own 'fan-cut' film with your own version of the scenes. This again feeds the desire to participate in the textual production for those who are not interested in creating their own scenes but can create their own edit of the movie.
The ideology of May the 4th is relevant to the concept of participatory audience through the particular mode of engagement with the text. In the case of Star Wars, the fans have participated in DIY creativity and playfulness linking the phrase to a day of the year.

Development Of Star
Wars Episode VII
Example of an independent fan page and transformative work.
Hugely popular, showing how a comedic twist on an iconic character can also stay loyal to the films.
This website shows a corporate site that has been designed for fans, It's free to join and connects fans to other websites which are fan made.
The official website gives fans the ideology to create fan sites on the star wars culture
Family Guy created an hour long parody of first part of Star Wars which was called 'Blue Harvest'.
The programme was viewed by over 10 million viewers from the first broadcast. It recieved mixed reviews from critics.

Robot Chicken
This constitutes as 'transformative works' as it wasn't produced for financial gain (access to the clips is unlimited and free), there was no actual star wars footage included, just fan interpretation of the scenes - it does "add something news, with a further purpose or different character, altering the source with new expression, meaning or message."
Words of the U.S Supreme Court
Robot Chicken created an episode which involved the storyline of Star Wars which was shown in 2007.
Pages such as this allows fan collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and/or active audience activities (a.a.a)!
Star Wars Episode VII
Textual appropriation
Fans use textual appropriation in the Star Wars culture, taking a part of the film and appropriating it to their own lifestyle and calendar.
"Appropriation - the act of making something one's own is fundamental to a claim of original ownership."
(Strang & Mark 2011:4).

Star Wars VII is the new upcoming film within the successful series, which is under Disney’s ownership (Lucasfilm). The production of filming will begin in May 2014 and is followed chronologically in the series after Return of the Jedi. The release date should be 18th December 2015.

Named 'greatest viral video ever' by vulture.com
Open Casting
This online community holds a degree of importance to fans.
Transformative work
The transformative criteria in terms of the Star Wars culture involves financial gain. For example, the status which Star Wars has internationally creates a huge financial gain through merchandise and the continuing circulation of the Star Wars film series.
When looking at copyright in new digital medias, the original vs. appropriative text debate is something that comes to light. Is the uncut ‘movie’ an original or is it a copy of the Star Wars original movie?

Disney held castings up and down the UK where the public could audition for specific roles in the new Star Wars film. Thousands of people turned up to the auditions, many of whom were big fans of the films. This could be a way of Star Wars giving back to their fan community and presenting them with a ‘free gift’ and giving them the opportunity to be part of the next successful film. .

Can provide a 'comfort zone' for the fans. They may be able express themselves more freely in these group pages than they would in their own social media profiles.
Casting Detail For Two Major Characters
: http://www.opencastingcall2013.com/
'These texts hold the fan's attention in a certain way; they compel fan attention, and therefore the faith that the fan would feel in a certain narrative universe is very much fixed on that universe' (Matt Hills in Jenkins 2006:18).
Fans are emotionally attached to the universe of Star Wars and fixate their lives solely around the film series.
learn a lot,
you will!
Could also be used as an example of "
convergence culture, where old and new media collide
..." (Jenkins, 2006: 2)
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