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No description

Corde' Adams

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Atlas

Can your robot be adapted to serve in other capacities?
Yes currently the Atlas is being programed to walk, carry things, move on rough ground, and climb.
What limitations do you think should be placed on the use of robots?
We feel that some limitations that should be placed on the Atlas are intelligence and strength.
What impact do you think robots will have on your life in 10 years and in 50 years?
I think in 10 years robots will have the same impact on my life , as they do today.However in 50 years robots will have a stronger impact on my life , because they will be doing a lot more things.
What task does the robot perform? What human function or task does this robot simulate?
The Atlas is designed to respond to it's own surroundings.The human function the Atlas does is to response with quick judgement.
What type of robot have you chosen and why?
We have chosen the "Atlas" because we liked "The Terminator" in the that it saved people from the nuclear blast.
Where is the robot used? What is its work envelope (how many degrees of freedom or flexible joints does it have)?
The Atlas is very humanoid so the range of motion for the Atlas is just like a normal human being. Atlas currently doesn't have any main purpose it is still being developed.
Is the robotic end effector multi-functional? If so, what other tasks can it perform?
Yes , the Atlas is multi-functional , because it can walk on rough terrain , carry heavy objects , and climb.
How is the robot taught to perform its task?
DARPA held a contest to find engineers and programers to create Atlas. The contest is still going on seven teams have been chosen ,and they have until december of this year to finish their creations.
What sensors does the robot have and how does the robot use these sensors?
The Atlas has a "Carnegie Robotics sensor head with LIDAR and stereo sensors"-http://www.darpa.mil/NewsEvents/Releases/2013/07/11.aspx
Name some advantages and disadvantages of using a robot to complete this task.
Well , there are no task for the Atlas right now so there are no advantages or disadvantages of using a robot.
Describe the impact that this robot has had or could have on its intended audience.
The impact that atlas will probably have on an audience is a positive one, because Atlas is a disaster response robot designed to withstand deadly climates.
What type of jobs/careers can this robot create to provide employment for people?
The Atlas will make employment by getting people to build it and program it.
Predict and explain how this robot may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future.
In the future atlas will be altered to help save people for natural or unnatural disasters like the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Atlas will be resistant to nuclear radiation. That way it could go into the highly radiated areas and get people out.
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