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Minute to Win it

No description

Clair Hansen

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Minute to Win it

Minute to Win it
Caddy Sack Instructions
1) When the clock starts, player may grab golf balls and attempt to stack them.

2) To complete the game, 3 golf balls must be stacked freestanding 1 on top of the other within the 60-second time limit, and must remain freestanding for 3 seconds.

Caddy Stack Physics
Defying Gravity Instructions
1) When the clock starts, player releases all 3 balloons into the air.

2) Player may not hold balloons, allow them to rest on the body, or hit the ground, or the game is over.

3) To complete the game, player must keep all balloons off the ground for 60 seconds.

3 golf balls
A flat surface
3 inflated balloons
This Minute to Win It game involves two of Newton's laws, Newton's first law; an object in motion stays in motion, and Newton's third law; for every action there's and equal and opposite reaction. With having to balance 3 golf balls on top of one another is hard because they're circular and easily put into motion. So once they're moving as you're trying to stack them it's hard to get them still again. Once they're stacked they exert forces on one another which keeps them in place, otherwise they would fall through the table.
The forces that make this game possible are gravity and the normal force. Without them this game wouldn't work.
The only time the forces are balanced in this game is when the golf balls are stacked on one another without anything holding them in place. The rest of the time the forces are unbalanced due to the little friction and the golf balls not staying in place.
In this game gravity plays a big roll. Without it you’d have a really hard time stacking the golf balls. Gravity is what keeps the golf balls stacked on one another when they’re at a certain spot, other than that it makes then fall.
The main action and reaction pair of forces involved in this game would be gravity and the normal force.
Friction is a force you don’t want acting on this game. With it makes the game even harder. Even though there is a little bit of friction, a lot of it would be worse. Friction is what keeps the golf ball from stacking on one another.

Defying Gravity physics
This minute to win it game involves Newtons first law an object in motion stays in motion unless something acts on it.
The forces that make this game possible are gravity and air resistance
The forces are not allowed to be balanced during this game because the balloons are not allowed to rest anywhere on your body and this is the only time the force would be balanced
In this game gravity plays a big role because the whole idea of the game is to keep the balloon from touching the ground and that wouldn't be a challenge if their wasn't gravity
The main action and reaction pair of forces would be force applied and force of gravity
Their is no friction in this game just air resistance
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