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How to choose your running shoes based

sports science

Jason Chen

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of How to choose your running shoes based

How do you choose your sports shoes? Advertisement Appearance Price My favorite player wear this shose! How about understand your foot first? Is shoes cost 3k really better than one cost 2k? When I step in a court, every one will notice my shoes No matter which sports you play, choosing shoes depending on your knowledge of foot is useful to prevents sports injuries. Foot Arches Concave part of bottom side of the feet
Formed by the tarsal and metatarsal bones
Strengthened by ligaments and tendons

When running, arches absorb the shock feedback from ground, as a natural shock absorber Three kinds of Foot Arches Wet test : common and easy method Normal (medium) Arch Flat (low) Arch High Arch See almost your entire footprint
Your arch collapses inward too much, resulting in excessive foot motion and increasing your risk of injuries
See just your heel, the ball of your foot, and a thin line on the outside of your foot.
Result in too much shock traveling up your legs, since your arch doesn't collapse enough to absorb it

Pronation Normal Pronation
(normal arch) Under-pronation
(high arch) Over-Pronation
(flat arch) normal pronation ~moderate pronation Underpronation pronation ~ normal pronation moderate pronation~ severe overpronation Key word:Stability/Support/Structured cushioning
Provide moderate arch support, focusing on stability
key word:Neutral/Cushioning/Neutral-cushioned
Provide shock absorbing, incresing pronation by stuffing material at the outside of shoes ground. key word : Motion-Control
Provide more solid arch support, focusing on control your running step
(flat arch) Under-pronation
(high arch) Normal Pronation
(normal arch) Potentoial of knee,ankle and muscle strain at the innerside of lower legs
if running on hard ground in long time Lowest injury potential for running under correct running posture Despite muscle strain at out side of lower leg ,due to less absorbing of shock from ground, bones of legs even hipbone are potentially injuried. Do we really have to listen a course before buying sports shose? After all, not everyone is a running aholic or sports science beleiver like Jason... No, you can just visiting some websites to fill forms
and they would produce suitable list for you!! Japanese company
Price is higher level in Taiwn market, and quality is also ensured worthy such price.
Asics Gel. with excellent shock absorbing is their proud technology

Japanese company and very famouse in baseball market
High CP value, not as expensive as Asics and New Balnace
Wave technology with good supporting and absorbing
Reliable and well designed form on their website helping you undersatanding your foot. American company
Higher price in Taiwan market
A lot of patents about running shose
Systematically introducing physics of food in trditional chinese website Some little tips Length of shose ~=length of foot +(0.5~1)cm
Buying shose after 3:00 p.m.
Part of Asians need wide width version
When trying on, wearing both shoes to walk around(better for run)
Trade off between weight-lighting and protection

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