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A Child Called It

No description

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of A Child Called It

External Conflict
The external conflict in the book would bet David's mother abusing him, him trying to steal food from school so he doesn't starve, hiding all of his bruises from the nurse, trying to distract his mother from major punishments, almost dying.
The Internal conflict in this book would be David wondering why he is the only one who gets treated this way, thinking he deserves it, why his mother doesn't love him, why his father left rather than helping him escape.
This book's element, in my opinion, would be Conflict. I personally don't think for this book that there is only one strong main element but I did choose Conflict because there is a lot of internal and external Conflict David has to face. I could have chosen tone, for example, saying that the tone of this book is anger but over all Conflict has the biggest role in this book.
A Child Called It Is about a boy named David who gets physically, mentally, and emotionally abused by his mother. He is forced to sleep in the garage on an army cot and barely gets food. His mother calls him "it". I chose this book because It's so horrifically disturbing that it's hard not to read. He wrote this book to tell his story and how he has over come it and has been moving on from his past.
A Child Called It
Internal Conflict
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