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Lott Industries

No description

on 1 December 2017

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Transcript of Lott Industries

Life Insurance
Employee Benefits Meeting 2017
Renewal Date
Benefit Offerings:
Health Plan Summary
-Plan Changes effective 12/1

Why A Consumer
Should Buy A
Product Or Use
A Service
This prezi template and more inspiration at:
Why does it take so long to quote a new home and auto?
Average Days to Quote was ~ 2 Days Turn Around
We went to Vertafore and we asked the same question and we made a decision to purchase several upgrades:
- MSB Cost Estimator Pre-fills
- Additional Driver Discovery in the household
- Additional Vehicle Discovery in the household with VIN numbers
- Motor Vehicle and CLUE Reports on the drivers and the property
How to determine your eligibility?
Reasons why accounts leave Stapleton:
$46,000/ Mo
Presented by:
Continue to Fill Out
New Business Sheet
write down your perception of Current
Process when we write New business
- What happens when we win?
- why Did we Win?
- What happens when we lose?
- Why did we lose?
Next Meeting:
- New Business
- Quoting v. Proposal

3 Weeks
$72,000 x 64% = 46,000
$46,000 x 87% = $40,000
New Business & Quoting
Questioning Strategy & Proposals
Claims Process
Relationship Building
Account Management Life Cycle
Benefit Review
Medical Plan
Voluntary Workplace Benefits
Base Plan - Health Reimbursement Account
The Base Plan has a $5,000 Single / $10,000 Family Deductible
You are only responsible for the $3,000 Single / $6,000 Family deductible
Medical Mutual has an internal HRA Reimbursement program once you reach your $3,000/$6,000 deductible
There is no paperwork to file
Gross Electric Strategic Plan

Company Policy
Open Enrollment
Our open enrollment time period is the month of November
If you or your dependents currently do not participate in the health, dental, vision or voluntary life plans, now is the time to enroll in these benefits with a December 1st effective date
Open enrollment is the only time you can make any coverage changes
Qualifying Event
A Qualifying Event can be:
Birth of a child
Loss of other Group Coverage
Qualifying Event
If you sustain a change in your family status throughout the year and you have a Qualifying Event, "
you must submit your changes to HR within 30 days of the qualifying event
Employee Cost
Stapleton Insurance
Open Enrollment Meeting
4:00 - 6:00
Football Practice
Enrollment Checklist
Next Steps:
If you are coming on during open enrollment or adding dependents, complete the Paramount or Guardian enrollment application
Group Term Life
Voluntary Dental
Voluntary Vision
Long Term Disability
Basic Term Life
*You must notify HR within 30 days if you have a qualifying event
Network: HMO
Lott Industries provides a $15,000 Life insurance and AD&D benefit to each full time employee, at no cost to you!
Critical Illness
Hospital Advantage
Accident Policy
Short Term Disability
Life Insurance
Gross Electric Wellness Initiative
We seek to provide quality services to our customers. We recognize that providing superior products and customer service to our customers places us above our competitors and make our organization special. However, we cannot provide the best services to our customers without having health, satisfied employees.
To promote a healthy workforce, Gross Electric is committed to providing resources promote the physical, mental and emotional wellness of our entire staff and their families on a continual basis. We seek to improve individual well being now, and to make health and wellness a permanent staple in our employees' and their families' lives. In turn, we envision an environment with more productive employees, lower health insurance premiums, decreased absenteeism and a greater overall sense of employee satisfaction.
Non-Nicotine Policy
We are implementing a new cost share based on if you are a Nicotine or Non-Nicotine user.
Non-Nicotine Discount Affidavit
- All employees and covered spouses' must complete an Affidavit
To receive the Non-Nicotine Discount you and/or your spouse are confirming you currently do not smoke or use tobacco products.
If you and/or your spouse use tobacco you will be charged the Nicotine Cost Share rate.
This policy will go into effect January 1st, 2018
Want to Quit Smoking?
Anthem provides prescription drugs and Over the Counter products at no cost
Ask your doctor if one or more of the covered prescriptions will work for you. You will need to get a prescription for each one (even the OTC)
Gross Electric Wellness Initiative
Employer Communication Forthcoming
Employee Tools with Anthem
Health Risk Assessment
Biometric Wellness Event
Performance Based Incentives
Paramount Online Tools
Additional Services:
-Find A Doctor
-View your EOB
-Medication Search
-Preventive Health Calendar/Services
Talk to doctor anytime, anywhere
Receive quality care via phone, video, mobile app
Treat conditions such as cold/flu, allergies, pink eye, sinus, etc
Prescriptions sent to pharmacy of choice
Cost is an OV Copay
By being a Paramount cardholder you have additional perks or discounts available to you:
Discounts to Wildwood and YMCA & Anytime Fitness
The Flower Market
KidzWatch facilities
Smoking Cessation Online Wellness Tools
If you choose not to enroll at your date of hire, or during open enrollment you will not be able to enroll unless you have a Qualifying Event
Dental and Vision
Group Life & Voluntary Life
If you are not making any changes to your current enrollment status, you do not need to complete any paperwork
HMO - Emergency Room vs Urgent Care
Medical Coverage
Anthem (anthem.com)
Group #00243191
Customer Service#1-800-552-9159
Dental and Vision
Principal (principal.com)
Choice Plus Network
Principal Network - Dental
Vision Network - VSP
Group #1069429
Customer Service #1-800-247-4695
Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Stapleton Insurance Group
Annie Ragland - Claims and Questions
Jason Lindhorst
Mark Mundwiler
Each employee will receive a new ID card prior to December 1st.
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