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Increase Business Agility - Q2 2011

Increase Business Agility - CIBER Mobility Practise. "Always on, always connected, anytime, anywhere."

Mario Smit

on 20 August 2011

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Transcript of Increase Business Agility - Q2 2011

Our world Our vision Our response Our future? What's happening? Constantly accelerating rate of change Radical "nonlinear change" is becoming frequent This change is driven by technology and new ways people interact with each other Technology is also the answer... Adapt to change Increase Business Agility Be informed The right context Up to date Anytime Anywhere Wouldn't it be great to take your business critical data with you? Accessible when you want, where you want Make informed decisions on actual data Enterprise-level security Global Mobility Practise 3 continents, 5 countries 2010 - $ 6 million revenue in mobile apps Proven ability Malmberg - eLearning app Increase business agility - CIBER Mobility Practice ciDash Information at your fingertips Realtime, accurate, push-notifications Secure connection to your business The road ahead Mobile - CRM Mobile - Business Intelligence Mobile - Collaboration Mobile - Portals Mobile - New way of doing Business Enterprise ready mobile solutions So, what can you do with this? Manufacturing Healthcare Finance Utilities Government Patient records.
Personal medication, prescriptions.
Location-based Care Providers. Immediate access to work procedures.
Process automation. Mobile Payment Solutions.
Reporting accidents. Context-aware service manuals.
Geographical Information. Citizen self-service.
Up-to-date information. Always on, always connected, anytime, anywhere. Change is no longer just incremental Powerful mobile devices Take action immediately Randstad - Staffing speed optimization Atlantica - Social Navigation Native User-Interaction Lower Costs Close the multi-device gap
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