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Encouraging Community with Strategic Engagement

OD Summit 2010: A Strategic Overview of WAY-FM Media Group's Digital and Social Media Future

Jeff Brown

on 16 April 2012

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Transcript of Encouraging Community with Strategic Engagement

Growing Your Digital CommunitY with Strategic Engagement

OD Summit - Nashville / August 2010

By Where to Monitor? “It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.”

– Clay Shirky Twitter Stats:
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world
24 hours of video uploaded per minute (double last year) Facebook YouTube Location If all you do is update your fans/followers on the details of your next event, how close you are to your pledge drive goal, or tout that Club Awesome is underway, you're not adding value to their experiences.

- Jeff Brown WAY-FM Denver understands this well Tools
Hootsuite Google Alerts - Blogs, News, etc. (google.com/alerts)

RSS Feeds - Twitter Search et al (search.twitter.com)

SocialOomph.com - Twitter mentions via e-mail. At first, this Twitter conversation appears relatively benign. Alex points out that CFA
has been rubberstamped by
Jesus himself. Website What to Monitor? WAY-FM Rocks! Awkward photo w/Wally Photo-op Op... It's not about you! Consider feeding podcast content to your page Take a camera to every event...

Capture pics, video, make the listener the star
Encourage them to visit and tag themselves Toys 'R Us If you haven't already, launch a station YouTube Channel

Interview listeners at events, get their reactions...

Capture community involvement. If another non-profit is involved, share it with them, interview them, send them the link... Post your public affairs audio (or other content) on Chirbit and place link on Facebook...share youtube.com/wayfmnashville twitter.com/wayfmnashville facebook.com/wayfmnashville Stats:
500 Million + users
Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
500 Billion minutes a month are spent on FB (compared to 150 Billion minutes last year)
24 Billion pieces of content are shared each month (6 times as many pieces as last year) Strategy Social media is not a promotional vehicle per se for your station. It is a network of relationships that live outside you - it is a set of connections you can be part of only if the participants in those relationships want you there. It is not “you push, they consume.” It’s more “you join in, and they share.”

- Mark Ramsey Social media is about listening, not just talking. And listening means inviting input and responding to it.

- Mark Ramsey Radio as an industry is at risk of being largely deaf to the social interaction of the very audience upon which its future depends. We are on the verge of being left out of the conversation entirely and being left behind by the advertisers who want in on that conversation.

- Mark Ramsey 2009 Social Media Study complied by BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners

Women are stealing time from other media to spend more time in the blogosphere and on social networks.
Newspapers continue to take the biggest hit with a 39% shift...
Time spent reading magazines, listening to the radio and watching TV is dwindling as well. You can use blog post content in much the same way Have fun when responding to your fans' comments Blog Bland Static One-way Dormant InboundZombie.com One recent Facebook page case study showed an increase in conversion rates from 19% to 35% when changing the default landing page from the Wall to a custom tab. allfacebook.com JohnHaydon.com Chirbit.com Colorado's WAY-FM Dynamic Interactive Fresh Rich 10 Steps for a Successful Social Media Monitoring

Define an Objective
Decide Where to Monitor
Decide What to Monitor
Develop a Plan
Involve Others
Listen First
Inbound vs Outbound Conversatoins
Build Relationships
Select Tools that Match Your Strategy Mashable.com Hootsuite.com Twitter is a great place to monitor what people are saying about you in real time. Resouces:

markramseymedia.com Always keep an eye on future trends...
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