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Barefoot Running

The Revolution of Running with Barefeet & the benefits

Lindsey Bush

on 10 September 2010

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Transcript of Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running The Barefoot Revolution Benefits traditional running shoes protection from hard surfaces ideal barefoot conditions a new twist on an old favorite running barefoot is a growing trend in the running community In evolutionary history, humans ran barefoot or with minimal foot covering, sandals, or thin moccasins improve form reduce heel strike maximize muscle usage Vibram FiveFingers "shoes" protect bare feet from sharp rocks have thick padding allow for minimal use of muslces in the foot, ankle and calf & lead to increased heel strike and stress fractures Abebe Bikila Set the world marathon record in 1960 while running World Records barefoot! safest on softer surfaces to reduce impact This site offers lots of history, tips, and advice for getting started visit http://www.marathonandbeyond.com/choices/clift.htm Lindsey Bush introduced in the 1970's “The human foot is a work
of art and a masterpiece of engineering.”—Leonardo Da Vinci but barefoot running is not entirely new to the running community.... So why lose the shoes? A few precautions Interested in more? The Barefoot Professor happy running!
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