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No description

William Richards

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Goal:

It's one thing to imagine efficient

But when we design, why not
emphasize buildings that power themselves?
It's the proposed
Chicago Solar Tower
(Zoka Zola Architects)
I like it
It's not overly ambitious
This is the concept I want you to see first
And we have skylines of possibility
Last year the majority of
arrays were retrofits
But when you design with solar in mind....
You can make it as
Or as
as you want.
So what are the building blocks of solar construction?
Different Panels

Solar Window
Start with Sun
And Southerly Facade
Photovoltaic and Thermal Panels work best when they capture the sun's full arc.
Consider your
Solar Window
when drafting building plans.


clients if they've
considered including solar
in plans
and decide where they want it in
relationship to an entrance
Different Panels
Photovoltaics - For Electricity
Convert Sunlight to watts per hour
Solar Water Heaters - For Showers,
Dishwashing, Laundry
Involve Plumbing
Heat Exchanger
Storage Tank
25% Electric Savings
Solar Pool Heaters
Involves pipe runs
Cheaper and more
effective than heat pump
Solar Supplemented Air Conditioning
Up to 25% Electric Reduction
Whatever your
panels attach to
steel rail,
or are ballasted with

South Facades at
To the Sun at Winter
Solstice will get ideal performance.
30° Tilted & Flat Panels work great
East and West facing panels collect
about 25% less energy than south facing.
But West is a great direction for heat collecting panels (Water Heaters)
With that design guidance
how do you estimate performance?
Sun Hours Per Day x Kilowatt Capacity = Per Day Kwhs
4-5 Hours x 10 Kilowatts
(About 40 Panels)
Everybody wants
self sufficient buildings
Going Green is fine
, but does it make financial sense?
Comparable Cost
Yes it does
Full Return
30 years
20 years
10 years
Solar Water Heater
10 year Return
Like buying a home or
makes solar
available to everyone.
When a mortgage and an electric bill are added
owning a home without solar panels
is often
more expensive
than building with solar panels.
But Clients will
never know unless
educate them
at the design phase.
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