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Identity in Sherman Alexis's Flight (2007).

No description

Amira White

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Identity in Sherman Alexis's Flight (2007).

Hank Storm (1975)
Zits wakes up inside Hank Storm's body in a motel in 1975.

Hank is a FBI agent & "half-breed Indian"

Zits feels trapped but likes Hanks appearance.

As Hank he states, "I am looking at a very handsome white guy in the mirror. His hair is blond. His eyes are blue. His skin is clear. This guy hasn't had a zit in his life" (Alexie 40).

Zits inside of Hank states, "I am beautiful" (Alexie 41).
The main character: Zits
15-year old foster kid

He is ashamed of himself

Half-Native American and half-Irish

He travels through different periods of time
The main character's identities:
Hank Storm
Indian Boy
Augustus Sullivan (Gus)
The Indian Boy
Zits ends up in the middle of a "gigantic Indian camp" (Alexie 59).

Surrounded by what he calls "real old-time Indians"

He's a thin and muscular Indian boy 12 or 13-years old.

He has a father and family

I am happy for the first time in my life" (Alexie 65).
Augustus Sullivan (Gus)
Wakes up to reveille, a Military bugle call

He figures he's a soldier but still acknowledges the fact that he is still Zits.

Introduced as "the best Indian tracker in the entire U.S. Army" (Alexie 84)

An old man who has served for at least 20 years.

Augustus was told to take young soldiers to an Indian camp.
Brief Synopsis of
Flight is a book about a young Indian boy who goes through different time periods to find his true identity.

He is described as half-Native American and half-Irish.

He is unsure of who he really is.
Identity in Sherman Alexis's
Flight (2007).
By: Amira White


He finds himself flying an airplane.

He is now a piolet named Jimmy.

Zits is able to feel the pilot's emotions and he can see his memories.

Jimmy takes over

Jimmy is a traitor because he cheated on his wife.
Zits feels like Jimmy is a "major-league jerk" (Alexie 119).
Zits finds himself back in downtown Seattle.

For a second he is unsure of who he is now.

Still feels loneliness and anger

He ends up in another home

Zits tells his real name; Michael
Zits's perspective of himself

A "fifteen-year-old foster kid with a history of fire setting, time traveling, body shifting, and mass-murder contemplation" (Alexie 173).

He feels he is dangerous and unloveable person

He is ashamed of himself

He doesn't know who is truely

Starts to feel different about himself.
Reasons why he might feel that way:
Being in foster home
Zits's mom
All he had until he was six years old

She died from breast cancer

Zits believes that the absence of his father killed his mother.

Zits thinks her grief caused her tumor to grow.
Zits's dad
Abandoned Zits when he was first born

Described as an Indian who was a drunk

Referred to his father as a bastard by Zits

Zits does not care for his father.
The different identities
They relate to Zits's life in at least one way.

Zits realizes that he can fall so far inside of another person.

Feels what it's like to be a FBI agent, an Indian boy who is loved, an old man, a pilot, and himself as Michael

All of those people have at least on thing that he doesn't.
Society today
It is hard to find ourselves.

People are always being judged and labeled.

People are unsure where and who they come from like Zits in Sherman Alexie's novel,
Flight (2007)
The author's reason:
In my opinion, Sherman Alexie relates the novel to his life.

He is a Native American

Born and raised on a resevation

He expresses the life of an Indian in this novel.

He uses a lot of detail as if he can relate.
Work Cited

Flight (2007) by Sherman Alexie
Why I chose this prezi theme
It goes along with Zits presenting himself to everyone.
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