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Lakota Indians

No description

Dylan Kennedy

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Lakota Indians

BY: Dylan Kennedy The Lakota Indians Where Did They Originate From? The Lakota Indians originated from the Midwest. They lived mainly in the Dakotas and Nebraska. The Creation Story Originally, the Sioux tribes (of which the Lakota were one band) lived around Lake Superior. Like other woodland native peoples, they gathered wild rice and beans and engaged in fishing and hunting. Prolonged warfare with the Ojibwa forced them westward; one group into Minnesota and other onto the Great Plains in present-day North and South Dakota. Once on the plains, the Sioux embraced a nomadic life centered on the buffalo. The Environment The environment was a place called The Great Plains existing in the Mid-Western States. It was flat everywhere, and was surrounded by many vast fields as well as the huge rocks of the Badlands. The Great Plains traveled on for miles and miles.

The Lakota best adapted by becoming nomads and following the Tatanka herds.

The women would cook and watch the children, while the men would travel and hunt. They were a very peaceful people. The Lakota had very similar ways with the Sioux and the Dakota tribes. They all lived in the same region and did the same things including hunting, fishing, gathering, and surviving off the land and off the tatanka herds. Sometimes the Lakota were called the Lakota-Sioux tribe or the Lakota-Dakota tribe. Relationships The White Men When the Europeans first came to the Great Plains they would kill the buffalo for the fur and scull only. This made the Indians extremely mad because the Indians would use every single part of the animal, from the fur to the bones, for survival. They respected every part of what nature provided for them. Buffalo Skulls The Cultural Aspects The Lakota mostly wore buffalo or deer hide.
A popular food that the Lakota ate was bison.
To commemorate the dead the Lakota would smoke the peace pipe then give everybody a small stone.
Some famous people from the tribe were Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Lame Deer, and John Two-Hawks.
There are currently 70,000 registered Lakota Indians, but less than half continue to speak the ancestral language. They are forced to live on five reservations and the US government wants to reduce that number. THANK YOU Works Cited http://www.indians.org/articles/lakota-indians.html http://www.livingmyths.com/Native.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakota_people All pictures taken off Google Images
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