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MAXCAP Project in Brief

Short description of MAXCAP research project

Eli Kortenska

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of MAXCAP Project in Brief

Lessons and Prospects of Enlargement and Beyond
Research Focus
How can EU maximize its integration capacity for current and future enlargements?
Central Concept
EU Integration Capacity
The impact of crisis on the most recent entrants
Economic effects
Political effects
Transformative Power of EU
Structural effects on new members, candidates and neighbors
Effective Decision-making, differential integration and implementation
Volume and Speed of Leg. Output
Citizens' perceptions of, attitudes towards and discourses on enlargement
"Permissive consensus" or "constraining dissensus" for future EU enlargement?

Identify negative and positive
on EU enlargement among citizens in different countries
The role of
national political discourses
and political context
Designing the enlargement process: strategies and negotiations past and present
Credibility of EU
Comparison of negotiation strategies
ENP states negotiations
Modes of integration in the context of enlargement and the neighbourhood
Synthesis: Lessons, Limits and Prospects of enlargement
Common theoretical and policy-oriented framework
Synthesizing empirical and theoretical findings
Synthesizing policy recommendations
Combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies
Q methodology central to revealing citizens' perceptions
Welcome Your Feedback, Ideas and Questions

Mailing List:

Sources & Data:

Thank You for Your Attention
Nature of legislative outputs
Can citizens put the breaks on EU integration (widening)?
modes of integration for ENP countries
Effective Implementation
Step 1: Identify concourse

Step 2: Select a representative set of statements from step 1

Step 3: Select P-set (individual respondents) to sort the statements according to their own views - Each respondent generates a single Q sort

Step 4: Factor analysis & Interpretation of Discourses
modes of political integration
modes of economic integration
By Elitsa G. Kortenska
Ph.D. Researcher,
Campus Den Haag, Leiden University

April 2013 – March 2016
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