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Just your basic run-through of boys. They types, the looks, personalities, etc.

Manda Callicoat

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Boys

BOys :) Boys are complicated, smelly, annoying, obnoxious.. at times. However, as teen girls, a majority of us (for some reason we wont understand when we're fourty,) are crazy for guys. Let's take a quick tour through a few types of guys, shall we? We shall. Emo boys Emo: Emotional people who slit their wrists. Emo guys, yes can be cute. Well, their face. Honestly, I would find strolling down the meadow holding hands humming would be sightly creepy when my boyfriend has like 23,876 scars on his wrist, but that's JUST my opinion. Don't cut me. I've heard that many emo guys can be sweet, which I don't really understand. However, I've also heard that a lot of them are gay, so, I mean. The nice guy <3 Funny, sweet, caring... Who wouldn't love that? The nice guy. These guys tend to smile a lot, and they like making people laugh. A lot of them have "wooshy" hair, but not all of them. They don't care if you screwed up your hair that morning, and they'll open up the car door for you, because chivalry ISN'T dead ;) The shy guy Why are they shy? Who knows. But it's cute. The shy guy. Why is he shy? Maybe he's afraid of what people will think. Maybe he just doesn't like people. Who knows, we can;t read minds. But if you can get him t come out of his shell, you're pretty special, good for you, he's a keeper ;) Okay. Thats all I really feel like doing, but I hit a few types of guys atleast. I'm just trying to figure out prezi. It's fun :D Kaa, here's some pictures of famous guys. Cristofer Drew- Singer Nick Jonas-Singer Lil' Wayne (Young Money)- Best Rapper Alive Neyo- Singer Chris Brown- Singer Robert Pattinson- Actor
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