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The Middle East

No description

Hediya Sizar

on 28 July 2016

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Transcript of The Middle East

The Middle East Political Aspects of Middle East The Arts/Lifestyle Men's Clothing Women's CLothing Dance Other Parties: Arab Spring Israel Religion and the State Wedding Ceromonies Sharia Revolutions against tyrannical governments non-Zionist left-wing groups
anti-Zionist Israeli Arab parties Thawb Salwar Abaya Hijāb Niqāb Ardha
Horah Religion Iran •Islam
-Majority: Shi’a Minority: Sunni
-Five Pillars of Faith
-Sufism Arts Role of Women Moral and Religious code addressing politics, economics, and social issues International Politics OPEC, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries Embargo, International Dependence Egypt and Libya Civil War in Syria Dissatisfaction with government and social stratification Comprised of Zionist parties; fall into three categories Labor Zionism (Social Democrat)
Revisionist Zionism (Conservative)
Religious Zionism Israeli Government Western- style Democracy; has a prime minister and 120 member Parliament (Knesset) in which coalitions are formed Israeli- Arab Conflict Causes & Perpetuation:
nationalist conflict over land following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire
return of Jews to the promised land
media- fueled propaganda
brainwashed youth Modern- day Conflict Mainly with Palestine
key issues : mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, and finding a resolution to the refugee question. Attempted Solutions:
Development of a two- state solution
"peace talks" Setbacks Palestinian government: split between Fatah in the West Bank & Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The division of governance between the parties has effectively resulted in the collapse of bipartisan governance of the Palestinian National Authority
Hamas (strongly anti- Israel) and terroristic refuses to negotiate with Israel and the US, preventing further reconciliation Thawb Bisht Keffiyeh Tagiyah -Ta'arof
-Relationship btw men and women Art Calligraphy
Pottery/ Painting
Graffitti Food Hummus Falafal Chickpeas Baklava Religion Islam, Christianity, Judaism Muslim Isreal Oppression Music http://www.mideastweb.org/culture/middle_east_instruments.htm Strings Drums Woodwind
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