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types of communication throughout the ages

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caleb deschamps

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of types of communication throughout the ages

Double click anywhere & add an idea Communication started with the early primative civilizations having runners that would travel with messages throughout their kingdoms.ex. the Inca Chasquis. 1440-1570 B.C Though this method has also been used a lot throughout time.
Then came smoke signals used by kingdoms in medieval times comprised
of knights and people of that era. They
were used to warn and alert there allies of enimies problems or need for help.
Though they were also used by natives. It was used by many civilizations
throughout time.
The telegraph came out in the early 1900s.
It sent signals of Morse Code. Mostly used
by military and railways. It's design improved
in later years.
The party line was used by
some of the more established
pioneers around 1910. The way they worked was quite different because all the phone lines were connected so when one person got a call about 5 other peoples phones would ring and you had to listen for your ring which would sound different because every person had their own ring tone. But it was called a party line because anybody could pick up the phone and evsedrop on your conversations which really bugged people. Later on the first dail phone
came out aroud1940s. Then it's
was design was modified so it looked
more sleek and stylish, then they started
putting them in cars. To dail you had to
spin a dail to the number you wanted, which
people also didn't like because it took so long.
Though at least nobody could listen in on
your conversation's. After came the the land lines with cords,
and push buttons for easier use. It started
coming out around the 60s. The first gaint cell phones
began to emerge around the 90s.
Which were I think would not be
very convenient considering they
were larger than land lines. About 1995 the more sophisicated
computers started to arrive. Along with
cordless land lines and email so people
could chat to their friends online. Around 2000 the technological
age had started, which is my and your
generation, and cell phones, computers,
and electronic devices all started to become
much more sophisticated. Ex. laptops started
to become very sleek and more mobile. In 2005 devices such as Bluetooth
came out along with sepreme soicial
networks such as face book and twitter. We are now at present time and we
have cars that will call people at the push
of a button and touch screen operated
devices such as phones and ipods. If you look
back we've come a heck of a long way. I mean people
were using those huge cell phones only 20 years ago!!!
And now we have touch screen cell phones that are
the size of your palm. So in technology we have pretty

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 I decided to do my essay on types of communication because every human on the planet uses it and it has become even more pronounced in our day and age so I thought it would be relavant and interesting to learn about. Though my essay doesn't just focus on the types of communication from present day but on the ways that the first civilization's on the planet communicated all the way until how we do it now.

THE END!!!!!!!!
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