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Anne Frank Historical Notes

No description

Sarah Wise

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Anne Frank Historical Notes

World War II 1939 - War began when Germany invaded Poland June 6, 1944- D-Day: Allied forces regained France, the first major victory that aided in ending the war 1945- War ends when Germany and Japan are defeated by the Allies After WWI, Germany was bitter because their country had been left bankrupt and was blamed for everything. This created the perfect environment for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. We'll get back to that in a moment. Axis Powers Allied Forces Britain France Soviet Union United States China Italy Japan entered the war Dec 7, 1941 after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii Adolf Hitler Born April 20, 1889 in Braunau, Austria Served in the German army during WWI Went on to become the leader of the Nazi Party The party believed that:
1. Germany should be one nation of all Germans
2. Germany should deny citizenship to all those of non-German descent (such as Jews) Hitler became chancellor of Germany on Jan. 30, 1933 After rising to power, Hitler began exerminating citizens such as . . .
physically and mentally handicapped
Jehovah's witnesses Once Germany was at risk of surrender, Hitler killed himself on April 29, 1945 Hitler ordered 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe to be murdered March 1938- Hitler took over Austria and Czechoslovakia Sept 1939- Hitler took over Poland 1940- the Axis powers took over
the Netherlands
France 1941- Hitler attacked the Soviet Union The Holocaust systematic murder of Jews and others by the Nazi Party during WWII 11 million people were murdered Concentration Camps Worst camp: Auschwitz (Poland) Anne and Margot Frank were taken to Bergen-Belsen (Germany) genocide anti-semitism ethnic cleansing Gestapo Star of David typhus Crystal Night Nuremburg Trials systematic killing of a racial or cultural group Prejudice against Jews German police who rounded up all the Jews and other "undesireables" and sent them to concentration camps 1943-1949: Allied forces wanted to bring justice to Nazi leaders.
Anyone associated with war crimes was punished. Germany Worst gas chambers and crematorium:
Birkenau (Poland) Hitler's belief that exterminating these people would create a perfect Aryan race Jewish symbol, which they were forced to wear on their clothing Nazis burned Jewish synagogues, businesses, and homes. 20,000 people were captured, 91 Jews were murdered fever transmitted by lice; was widespread in concentration camps. Margot and Anne Frank died of this disease.
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