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Counting By 7s

Book Report

Aya Oulal

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Counting By 7s

Counting By 7s
By: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Introducing Pattie Nguyen
Pattie Nguyen is Mai's and Quang-Ha's mother. She owns a nail salon. She treats Willow as if she was her daughter and later in the book, Willow is.
Good Things About This Book
The book had a very sentimental lock on my heart.
Well written and had a spectacular lesson.
the book had sad and happy so it will either make you smile :) or cry ;(.
Dell Duke
Dell duke was Willow's counselor, and in the beginning of the novel they had a rough beginning. Dell Duke placed all of the kids in groups. The groups were MISFITS, ODDBALLS, LONE WOLVES, and last off the WEIRDOS.
Cheddar, Dell Dukes Cat
Cheddar is Dell Dukes cat. Dell brought the cat to Willow so she can get happier, but then Cheddar go's missing around the parking lot. Mai, Quang-Ha, Dell Duke and willow spent 37 minutes looking every were. Under cars, behind hedges, and around the buildings of the school. When they could not have found him, Quang-Ha sketched out a drawing of Cheddar and made fliers
1).Willow Chance
2).Mai Nyguyen
3).Quang-Ha Nyguyen
5).Dell Duke
6).Pattie Nyguyen
7).Jairo Hernandez

Willow Chance
Willow Chance is the main character in this book. She was adopted but her parents died in a car crash. Her friends stuck close and everything was alright. Willow chance loves the number 7 and plants.
Willow Chance is a twelve year old girl who was adopted at the age of 7. She was always thought as different because she was very smart. one day she was with her friend Mai, and she and her were going to a frozen yogurt place with Dell Duke ( the counselor ) and Quang-Ha ( Mai's older brother ). They were sitting, until they saw a police car pull up, to deliver the news, Willows Parents died in a car crash. Willow has her friends and that is all she needs in this book.
The climax is when Willow's parents die because that is the most shocking part of the book and it is also the saddest.
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen is Willows best friend. Mai helped Willow get through the pain of losing her parents. Mai stuck around with Willow through the toughest of times.
Quang-Ha Nyguyen
Quang-Ha is Mai's brother. And also becomes one of willows friends. He is very good at drawing, and a trouble maker as well.
Bad Things About The Book
The layout of this book is very confusing.
I absolutely recommend this book because, it shows how to be a good friend and to always look to the bright side. This book has a lot of heart and soul in it.
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