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SharePoint Lesson #37: Folder AND Metadata

There are many good reasons to avoid folders in SharePoint-Libraries. But what if it really requires a folder structure? Add Metadata to your folders!!

Peter Heffner

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of SharePoint Lesson #37: Folder AND Metadata

Folder vs. Folder
There are many good reasons to avoid folders in SharePoint-Libraries.
Please find here some examples and alternatives:
Prezi: http://bit.ly/VRRJ3L
Slideshare: http://bit.ly/VRRRQO
But what if it really requires a folder structure?

For example Project Management.
All documents would be stored in a single Project Folder. The Document Library has its Project Folders on the top level.
The name of the folder has only little information about the project as such:
What makes more sense than pimping the Content Type "Folder" and add some Metadata?
Let's go...
1. Create new Content Type "Folder"
2. Assign the Content Type
to the Library
3. Add additional fields
for Metadatsa
1. Add a new Content Type "Project Folder"
2.1 Allow management of Content Types
Select the Library...
... allow management ...
... Content Types are displayed.
The list of Content Types might differ from system to system.
Not to confuse the operator I would hide the standard menu "New Folder".
2.3 Add more Metadata
add additional Fields
3. Create a Folder
The additional fields are displayed when a new folder is being created:
In addition to the standard fields...
...there are user-defined fields. This comes in handy when you create new views to organise the projects (by status, by project lead,...).
2.2 Assign new Content Type
Add the newly created Content Type to the list on the right.
Please find here an overview of all available Presentations:
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