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Ohio Wesleyan University: In Pictures

office of admission [october 2012]

OWU Marketing & Communication

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Ohio Wesleyan University: In Pictures

Never have another ordinary day.
1,850 Students
states countries
International and U.S. multicultural students
142 full-time faculty
3 degrees
One of just 40 schools included in the highly respected guide
The JAYwalk
Travel-Learning Courses
give students "on-the-ground" perspectives on issues they have researched rigorously in the classroom. A couple of examples:
OWU students studied the Zapatista community in Chiapas, Mexico, for a first-hand look at an indigenous community with critical views on the impact of modernity and globalization.
OWU students traveled to Italy to study behavioral influences related to food and physical activity.
support students' independent research, internships, service, and cultural immersion throughout the world.
Theory-to-Practice Grants
"Actually being in China to research issues connected with water shortages and water pollution brings it all to life. It's one thing to read about it, another to see the impact for yourself."
- Sharif Kronemer '12
OWU students traveled to India to explore the cultural and sociopolitical status of a refugee community in McLeod Ganj.
allow students to study a topic of interest in depth and over time from widely disparate disciplinary perspectives.
Course Connections
Twenty-two OWU students, along with botany/microbiology professor David Johnson and English professor Lynette Carpenter—all belonging to the American Landscape Course Connections network—recently traveled to Athens, Ohio.
OWU Students say:
"OWU is the friendliest school you could imagine - by a mile. And we are really good at having fun!"
is "Main Street, OWU." It's on the way to everywhere. You'll meet, greet, and hang out with friends here every day. It's also the setting for our popular "Day on the JAY" all-college celebrations.
of students live on campus in six residence halls, seven Small Living Units (theme housing), or fraternity houses.
is a gift from the Class of 1962 and brings the flavor of a European town square to the center of the campus.
The JAYwalk Fountain
is OWU's honors hall, coed by suite. Welch saw improvements to many common living areas.
Welch Hall
OWU's oldest residence hall, underwent a $14 million renovation in 2011-2012, and students are thrilled with their new, environmentally friendly accommodations.
Stuyvesant Hall
is home to the education, journalism, philosophy, psychology and religion departments. Enhancements included air conditioning, new furnishings, and new technology in all of the classrooms.
Phillips Hall
boasts new furnishings in the common areas and all meeting rooms, as well as a new sound system in the atrium.
Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
underwent a floor-to-ceiling renovation, with all new equipment and an inspirational wall mural.
Edwards Gym Weight Room
OWU students say:
"Our teams inspire a lot of school spirit! And our athletes are also campus leaders and
standout students."
In 2011, the Battling Bishops men's soccer team brought home its second Division III National Championship. Coach Jay Martin became the winningest coach in men's collegiate soccer, across all NCAA divisions.
National Champs!
(Pre-Professional Zoology major) earned a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to research conservation of the critically endangered Southern Bent-wing Bat in Australia.
Kristen Lear '11
(a triple major in
Pre-Medicine, Biochemistry, and Pre-Professional Zoology) received a 2011 Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship from the NCAA. Gatz was a five-time All-America swimmer and a Rhodes Scholar finalist.
David Gatz '10
Taapsi Ramchandani '06
(Economics and International Studies major) with the help from summer grants, internship opportunities, and mentorship of the professors, was able to marry her love for microfinance with media skills and her economics degree to help launch myMela, an online marketplace.
(Fine Arts major) is now co-starring with Betty White in Hot in Cleveland, TV Land’s most-watched series ever. Honored by Women in Film as a “Woman of Vision,” she is an advocate for the Humane Society and Planned Parenthood, a member of the Environmental Media Association, and a Washington, D.C., lobbyist for federal funding of the arts in education, among other causes.
Wendie Malik '72
Choose OWU.
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