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Architecture Portfolio

No description

Brandon Arrindell

on 1 March 2014

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Transcript of Architecture Portfolio

Brandon Arrindell
2B Architecture Portfolio Design something from an outside source (picture, magazine) and draw a small, rectangular area of it. Color it using a color scheme. Abstract Architecture We were given the task of using a one-point perspective to draw our favorite hallway in Lake Travis High School. Hallway Drawings We modeled drawings made by Austin Community College to gain credit for an Architecture Course. This is the result. ACC Drawings Throughout the year, we sketched drawings for inspiration and to enhance our hand-drawing skills. These are 5 of my favorite. 5 Favorite Drawings Crab House The Stata Center @ MIT Frank Llyod Wright Green Cabin Inspiration Abstract Building To learn what a wall section would look like, we modeled the wall section WALL SECTION To learn the various styles and types of architecture, we were given the task of going around downltown Austin and finding buildings that exemplified different architecture. Architecture Scavenger Hunt Dream House Project We were given the task of modeling a house in Revit that we would love to live in one day. This is the result. Dream House Green Cabin We were given the task of creating a green cabin for a client (Mrs. Forgey) and build to their specification. This is the result. Green Cabin Second Floor First Floor Fin.
Thanks for a great year! Architecture aims at Eternity. 2011~2012 ~Christopher Wren
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