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No description

Alvin Batiller

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of poop

By: Anthony Horowitz Point Blank Anthony Horowitz - Born on April 5, 1955 in Stanmore, London Why I Picked This Book - I picked this book because, I have been drawn to the Alex Rider series since seventh grade. Setting - New York Presented By: Alvin Batiller - English novelist. - He has written many children books: Power of
Five, Alex Rider and Diamond Brothers series. - Has written over 50 books. - He won the Hampshire Book Award - It was also the only book ( in the Alex Rider
Series ) I haven't read yet. - Enjoyment of previous books from Anthony Horowitz, particularly the Alex Rider series, drew me to Point Blank. - French Alps Quote Main Character -Alex Rider, 14
Main Conflict - Person vs. Person - Person vs. Self Theme You can do anything with courage and determination. Conclusion - Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The action and suspense really does keep you on the edge of your seat. - I really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action, suspense, and adventure. THE END Summary Alex Rider is a teenager and MI6's youngest agent. He is sent on a mission, to Point Blank Academy in the French Alps, when MI6 finds a death to be linked to a boarding school for rebellious, trouble-making sons of the rich and famous. Alex finds that Dr. Grief has formed clones and forming duplicates of each teen through plastic surgery. His plan is to send the clones' home and use them to receive political secrets and power. Alex's cover is blown and he is left into the arms of Dr. Grief unless he can think of a plan to escape and warn MI6 before it is too late. Alex comes from a long line of spies. His parents were both killed while on a mission. Ian Rider, Alex's uncle, taught him every skill he possesses. Ian is later killed from a "car accident". Alex is not a typical teenager. He has few friends, even them he rarely sees. Although he tries to be a normal kid, he is always pulled away by the MI6. His skills also set him apart from any other teenage boy. -Paris "ROOM 13 It was raining in Paris." I picked this quote, because, it shows evidence that Alex pays attention, and takes note to even the little things that may be a vital piece of evidence, for future preferences.
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