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Grade Four Lesson Plan: CANADA

No description

Michelle Lucato

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Grade Four Lesson Plan: CANADA

Territories CANADA QUIZ Capital City: Whitehorse 1. What is Yukon's capital city?

2. Which territory is the smallest?

3. Name the largest lake in Canada?

4. What day were the boundaries of NWT and Nunavut created?

5. What is Nunavut's territory motto? Official Language: French and English Flower: Fireweed
Tree: Subalpine Fir
Bird: Common Raven Major Industry: Mining (lead,
zinc, silver & gold) Next Territory smallest of all the
territories YUKON created in 1898 Mount Logan in Kluane National
Park and Reserve is the HIGHEST mountain in all of Canada Population (2011): 33,897 NORTHWEST TERRITORIES borders formed: April, 1, 1999 Population (2011): 41, 462 Languages: Chipewyan, Cree, English, French, Gwich'in Capital City: Yellowknife Flower: Mountain avens
Tree: Tamarack Larch
Bird: Gyrfalcon Resources: gold, diamond & natural gas Largest Lake in Canada:
Great Bear Lake NUNAVUT Territory Motto: "Our land, Our Strength" Capital City: Iqaluit Population: 31, 906 Flower: Purple Saxifrage
Tree: n/a
Bird: Rock Ptarmigan Smallest Population in Canada
Largest Area in Canada Boundaries Formed in 1993
Separated from NWT in April, 1, 1991 Nunavut means: "OUR LAND" 69.54% of the population
speak Inuktitut Nickel, copper, gold and silver Canada's Capital City: Ottawa
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