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Jim Geha

No description

Amber Geha

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Jim Geha

Jim Geha Childhood! Parents: Bill and Alene Geha Born: St. Joseph, Missouri Large Family 10th child out of 12 Age Difference? 18 years 6 boys, 6 girls, no twins, none adopted Memories! Fishing with dad Fishing pole got taken by a fish as a young boy. After getting yelled at by his dad he goes to get a new pole. His dad loses his pole! Family Outings! Only remembers one time going out as a family. The whole family went to McDonald's! Everyone got a hamburger, and shared a water between two. Didn't come from a poor family, rather wealthy. Dad has his own business. Asking for money Part of wealthy family. Dad owned business, boys worked for him. very responsible with money didn't ask for money much, made it himself. Dad "Competitive, Confident, Humorous" Very similar to his dad, not strict, but dominant. Even with alot of children, he still had a great relationship with his parents. Has three children. Enjoys being from a huge family.
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