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Faith Ringgold - Tar Beach

No description

Rachel Leach

on 18 April 2018

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Transcript of Faith Ringgold - Tar Beach

Best Known For:
Narrative Quilts
Tar Beach
Your Quilt
Faith Ringgold
African-American Artist

Born in 1930

She lives in Harlem, NY

Faith Ringgold - Tar Beach
Create a quilt of a you flying over a place you would like to visit, live, or own.
1. Write a sentence about where you imagined you were flying.
2. Draw yourself flying over your imagined scene.
(zoo, Great wall of china, arch, white house, disney world, ocean,sky scrapers)
3. outline in sharpie, color in with crayon, create stars in sky with white crayon
4. watercolor sky
5. Create quilt with squares of paper around edges of paper
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