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C-HR Launch

No description


on 19 December 2017

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Transcript of C-HR Launch

The ride with many sides.
Business Objectives
Drum up excitement and capture a considerable chunk of the entry-SUV market.

Woo young multicultural first-time buyers—and fold them into the Toyota brand.

Emphasize the C-HR’s sharp styling, crisp handling and standard safety.

Offset the SUV’s lack of All-Wheel Drive with segment-leading standard safety firsts.
The Strategy
A cross-tier strategy was developed to offer marketing support across the country.

We connected to 238 dealer databases to send branded campaigns using sophisticated data-driven behavioral targeting to find potential C-HR buyers.

The plan consisted of 3 elements:

2018 C-HR Launch Email
2018 C-HR Microsite
2018 C-HR Follow-up Email
The Campaign
2018 C-HR Launch Email
An engaging lead piece heralded the multifaceted ride, featuring an iconic medley of quirky characters that mirrored our multifaceted target.

The primary goal was to direct traffic to a custom 2018 C-HR Launch Microsite.
Each additional section of the microsite had a carousal of images and information to engage consumers that showcased the C-HR's unique features and technology.
Follow-up Email
The 2018 C-HR Launch Follow-up email was sent to consumers who interacted with the Launch email and Microsite but had not purchased yet.

It was sent a week after the initial launch email, and it had a stronger focus on taking a test drive. This was meant to help close the deal and gain commitment to see the C-HR in person.

Every layer of communication took the same cue — and said it all with a unique emotional discriminator.
in revenue

total new Toyota Sales

new C-HR Sales
opens by new & existing customers

unique clicks on the C-HR microsite

engagers looked to schedule a test drive

intenders searched inventory
The All-New
2018 Toyota C-HR

The all-new 2018 Toyota C-HR was poised to launch in a formidably competitive market where brand disloyalty was rife, with entry-level SUVS gnawing at the style space.

55% of the competition touted All-Wheel Drive, which the C-HR lacked. What it did deliver was a sleek silhouette with precision-cut lines, a cushy ride and agile handling—as well as edgy standouts such as hidden rear-door handles, available puddle lights and segment-leading standard safety.
Our target perceived themselves to be a stylish band of doers, ringleaders and trendsetters—much like this expressive SUV.

Therefore, the creative strategy for the The 2018 C-HR Launch Microsite reached out to them in the evocative and universal language of Emojis—communicating versatility across varied contexts and cultures.

As the user scrolled through the site, they would trigger interactive elements that showcased the C-HR's unique features and technology, like this animated header.
Each phase was carefully planned to marry data-driven targeting and engaging creative.

Consequently, the consumer was guided through a journey that left them enthralled with the 2018 Toyota C-HR.

Thank you for your consideration.
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