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shelby mcgregor

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Color

A dramatic or cinematic technique that uses imagery to portray the subconscious
the special quality of light reflected from a given surface

What exactly is color?
value:The amount of light or dark in a color
Hue: Another word for color
Saturation: When a color is bold
De-saturation: When a colors intensity is lowered
Shade: Anything darker than the normal value
Tint: Anything lighter than the normal value
Local Color:
Color seen in isolation from other colors,
illuminated by a white light in a white
Atmospheric Color
: Color that is influenced by the
various colors and light sources
in a color rich environment
Color Wheel: Where every color is found
Example of Saturation v. Desaturation
Local color v. Atmospheric color
B&W must

rely on tonal relationships and contrasts.


can rely on tonal relationships with little need for shadows.
This is done by controlling light and shade.
(Wizard of Oz)
Color As A Symbol
A color may symbolize the significance of an object or an emotion.
Color to Enhance Mood

When color is changed throughout the film to show a transition.
This could represent a change in thought, or a change in setting.
Director: Gary Ross
Released in: 1998
Director of Color: Ozzie Carmona
"pure psychic automatism, by which an attempt is made to express, either verbally, in writing or in any other manner, the true functioning of thought. The dictation of thought, in the absence of all control by the reason, excluding any aesthetic or moral preoccupation.
-Andre Brenton
Andre was interested in Medicine and primarily wanted to become a psychiatrist. (1921) During WW1 he served in the Neurological ward in Nantes, France.
And film
Affect of Color on the Viewer
Color can have many different affects on the people viewing the movie.
By using saturated and unsaturated color
By using advancing or receding colors
Advancing colors
colors that make things look bigger or closer
colors that would fall under advancing colors are
bright colors like red, orange, and yellow

Receding colors
are the opposite, they
make things look smaller
or farther away, colors like
pale blues and other darker less bright colors
~Color attracts attention
Painterly Effects in Color
directors are thinking of filming as being similar to a painting.
because painters are often associated with certain time periods,
filmmakers have sometimes attempted to achieve a sense of time past by using the look of a well-known painter of the period.

Special Effects
using a sepia filter to make a modern film look old
Comic book color
The city of Gotham in
is a perfect example for this.
Comic strip color
Every source of bright color signifies something with comic strip color.
In this movie bright colors represent corruption.
" Decent people shouldn't live here, they would be happier someplace else."
Expressionistic use of Color
Expressionism: A dramatic or cinematic technique that attempts to present the inner reality of a character.
This is shown in film by using a distribution or exaggeration of normal perception to let the audience know the characters feelings.
Leitmotif of Color
Red Dessert
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Date Released: 1964
In this film the colors of pipe lines, factory vats, and yellow poisonous smoke lets us know that Giuliana (the neutotic wife of an engineer) is overwhelmed and intimidated by industrialization.
When Giuliana tells her son a story reflecting on her fantasies the colors change from dull grey to brilliant sea greens, with blue skies and golden rocks.
This shows the difference of the real world Giuliana is living in, and the world of her fantasies.
This is different from Surrealism because it is a
in color.
Expressionism is often seen in a different way to different viewers.
A recurring color that is used to represent something, whether it be a feeling or a character trait.
Ironic Use of Color

directors make the

color of the film go against the emotional tone of the film.
When primary colors are used.
Dick Tracy (1990)
Director: Warren Beatty
Stars: Madonna, El Pacino
The day of the Locust
Director: John Schlesinger
Released: 1975

The Dark Knight
Director: Christopher Nolan
Realeased In: 2008
Stars: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger
The Joker is a perfect example of a leitmotif when color is used. He wears a green suit; has a white obnoxious face and even has offensive green hair. The colors that he wears help make up his character. Without these colors the joker would not be what we think of him as.
The color in this movie is Ironic because it is a relatively dark movie, but it has a glowing; warm tint to it. This goes against the emotion and plot of the movie.
Movie plot: A young man, Todd goes to Hollywood in hopes to become famous, but falls in love with Faye, who grew up with an alcoholic father.
In this scene: A man killed a young girl, and a riot starts.
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